On I Found Out My Male Colleague Made More Than Me

@steponitvelma To answer your question: I think advocating for yourself and pushing for a raise if you feel like you've been discriminated against is fighting for equal pay, which the writer was successfully able to do. And to your other point, my assessment is less about sweeping her suspicions under the rug and more about navigating office politics. There have been tons of studies out there showing that it's not that women don't "lean in" enough, but that they've been penalized for doing so. The writer was strategic about going about getting a pay increase, which she thought was a clever move, and I thought that was the right approach. However, you bring up some good advice about seeking legal help if you feel like you've been actively discriminated against—I agree completely with that!

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On The Case of the Missing Package

@readyornot Just for personal use! I actually chose it based on a Wirecutter review.

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

@Allison @Carmen Aiken@facebook Yup: http://thebillfold.com/2013/01/the-simple-solution-to-a-last-minute-passport-snafu/ I looked into that, and you have to have to be traveling within two weeks to qualify for that and I kind of don't want to wait another week to take care of this. But I guess I can do that if it comes down to it?

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On Yakkin' About Baby Showers

@xtinamartinson Hah, it was not my idea! The parents were into it. Obviously if you didn't want to have one you would not do it.

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On Calculating the Costs: Spaghetti With Olives and Anchovies

It was listed! I did a guestimate.

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On Running Away From Home and Spending Five Days Wandering NYC

@rhinoceranita It was something silly like I wanted to go on an adventure like in The Goonies. The reality was that I was just outside playing for the day.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

I hope you guys write to her to let her know! I'm sure she would appreciate it.

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On Real Talk Résumé

@sea ermine Uh, I would not know what to make of that if I saw that on a resume. Did this person explain why it would look good?

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On Real Talk Résumé

@Kimberly Alison Hah, yes it was a joke. This is a post about things we'd put on our resumes if we wanted to get real for a moment. Obviously we would not mention lame boyfriends or list our debt loads on a regular resume!

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