On WWYD: Should I Be Upset Because a New Hire is Getting Paid the Same Salary as Me?

I guess the crux of what I was saying was that the only thing you can control is what you make, and that it's important to arm yourself with as much information as possible about what you should be earning so you can walk away from salary negotiations feeling happy. From what I could tell from the letter, the company provided the writer with a role and benefits she was happy with and with a salary she was also happy with—to the extent that she didn't ask for more money. (Which is a mistake that I've also made, accepting an offer I thought sounded good without realizing that I could have asked for more.) It seems like this company treated the LW well—up until this hiring. And I was so focused on the fact that she walked away from salary negotiations feeling happy that I've missed the mark on how this hiring could be an indication of a toxic work environment; that as this toxicity becomes more apparent with further discussions with management that it's a sign to leave for someplace better. No person should stay at a company where they feel devalued, and I should have recognized that here.

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On A Banker Missing His Wallet Asks for Some Money

@Intravenus de Milo Ester: fyi ben's immediate response was, "didn't he realize it was a scam?" Mike: lol Ester: ben was raised in the city Mike:I mean, yes An investment banker asked me for money That is a legit scam Ester: hahahhaha

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On From Counting Pennies to Letting Things Slide

The $10. :)

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On From Counting Pennies to Letting Things Slide

Update: Hah, okay so I called about it and it took longer than expected (20 minutes), and was just a little painful and the result is that they said, if you don't see a credit next week, call back.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Omg, here is my current playlist.

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On Does Someone You Work With Have a 'Dark Triad' Personality Trait?

Shh don't give away my secrets.

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On New "Harry Potter" Content Released, Free

@Stina Ester also thought I lived in a space underneath some stairs in real life.

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On Other Fast Food Restaurants Paying Beyond the Minimum Wage

@garysixpack "It probably helps." I don't think it's naive to believe that investors are more focused on profits than whether or not employees can go home and pay their bills as Pepper openly points out. The question is then, if a fast food chain like In-N-Out Burger can sell $2.20 cheeseburgers and pay their employees a starting hourly rate of $10.50 an hour, why isn't this viable for other fast food restaurants?

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On Other Fast Food Restaurants Paying Beyond the Minimum Wage

@garysixpack True of franchises, but unlike truly privately owned restaurants these privately owned franchises must pay a percentage of their sales to the corporation—money that could otherwise go to other things like payroll.

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On Is "The Ice Cream Rule" Helpful?

So, when I buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's, I usually have three spoons of it for dessert and put the rest back in the freezer to eat slowly throughout the week. Perhaps this explains a lot about me. But! Since we've been discussing the need for New Financial Advice in a New Era, with stagnant incomes (wages have fallen to a record low as a share of our GDP), it can be difficult to set aside money for savings or aggressively pay off debt. And in that case, it's less about the ice cream rule and more about seeking a better salary.

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