On A Car Passed Down, A Father Pays it Forward

I'm prone to car trouble and I always call my dad. My favorite thing he says, car problem or any other problem, is something along the lines of: "Did anyone die? Was anyone hurt? No? Ok then, little problem. There are big problems and there are little problems and this one is little, so don't worry." It makes me feel better every time. So because I'm feeling a bit weepy this evening, your nice article had me a bit misty eyed.

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On I Saved My Own Money to Move to Paris (But My Parents Taught Me How)

Thanks for this! It was a good read and an inspiring story. I've been pining since my study abroad two years ago and people keep saying "Well, you could just go.." and they (and you!) are right..I could!

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On Places I've Lived: Minneapolis I'm Yours

What is the terrible bar with a great happy hour? Also, woohoo, Minneapolis! Also also, that second to last place you lived is right around the corner from me. I always thought those looked super cute from the outside.

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