On The Cost of Things: One Year of Breastfeeding

@LookUponMyWorks yay Durham x2!

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On The Costs of Moving to Kazakhstan

happy trails and good luck! If you make it past the horse meat thing, Kazhak food is delicious! Also I recently found out that during WW2 my grandmother was evacuated from Moscow to Almaty for a few years.

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On How To Do Money Before, During & After Grad School

@aesir my office is right next to an institute that has a lot of receptions throughout the year and we share a kitchen with them where they store the leftovers. "bring tupperware" is the best advice I ever got.

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On From Counting Pennies to Letting Things Slide

@Ester Bloom thats certainly not a reference you see everyday!

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On The Lawyer-to-Be (A Poem)

@Senna me too but I never go because grad school. soon I will be writing some version of this poem.

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On The Young Professional's Closet

Loehmann’s! RIP.

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On The Lifestyles of the Super Rich and Forbes Famous

your dad sounds a lot like my dad.

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@Ester Bloom BDSM ax murderers with leather masks and chains and infrared goggles. This was one of the the weirdest movies I have ever seen. Have you seen The Host ( 2006 version, same director)?

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I have seen this and would be excited to discuss, particularly because while I enjoyed it, I did not think it lived up to the hype. Also, it is not just sporadically violent, it is extremely, graphically, Tarantino-at-his-best violent, in case that bothers anybody.

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On An Accident Paid Off My MFA Debt

thank you for writing this! I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I was in a similar situation and my settlement could pay for grad school a few times over, but my program is the kind where they (miraculously!) pay me to be here. I'm so very glad you were able to use the money to get what you needed for yourself. I'm trying to come to terms with doing that also, but everything seems simultaneously so trivial and so big. so worthy and so undeserved.

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