On What I'm Talking About When I Talk About My Credit Card Debt

I've never owned a credit card in my life. I've rented cars, stayed at nice hotels, bought plane tickets, rented apartments, applied for short term loans sometimes and got a home loan. Basically, I can do everything people say you need a credit card to do. I've also had my share of unexpected expenses. Emergencies happen. That's what my emergency fund is for. I have never owned a credit card and I'm doing just fine. So why does anyone need a credit card?

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On Conversations About Our Student Loans

If there is anyone left who thinks that a good education is some sort of insurance of getting a decent job these days I would suggest that you re-think that. The higher paying jobs are so few and far between that getting into huge debt for an education thinking your job will pay them off is Russian Roulette for your future. Odds are that the high paying you think you are going to have will be given to an H1B visa holder or sent overseas and your education will be worth nothing after 3-4 years of not putting any of the skills you learn to use anyway. Alice from BritainLoans

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