On Unemployed, Discouraged, But Not Hopeless

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On Unemployed, Discouraged, But Not Hopeless

@Maggie Ham After not quite a year of partial employment (temp and short term contract work) I was desperate for a 'real' job again. I was ecstatic when I finally got a job offer and was going to take it based on the whole “bird in the hand” principle. When I thought about it though I realized that the only thing I liked about the job was that it was a job - the job description they'd given my recruiter wasn't what they actually wanted me to do, weird vibe at the place, bad commute, etc. - and so even though it went against every bit of my deeply neurotic/pessimistic nature I turned them down. The way I figure it is that yeah, I could have taken the one job and looked for another, but I know what it’s like working somewhere awful: it’s draining and terrible and you tell yourself that you’re going to look elsewhere but instead you come home and lie on the floor and talk to your cats and then have some wine (true story). I mean don’t reject everything that isn’t perfect, but don’t take anything just because it is there.

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On Money, Hidden or Forgotten

In college I was a complete mess with money so as a method of taking care of my future self I'd occasionally stash a twenty dollar bill in a random jacket or the back of my underware drawer. I loved the feeling of finding it later, "thanks past me!" I did the same thing with packs of cigarettes now that I think about it....

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