On How I Ruined $60.98 in Tights So Far This Year

@Franny I came here to say exactly this. I am 5'10" and although I can theoretically fit into the "B" sized pantyhose, I always, always get runs in them before the day is out. If I buy "Q"-sized pantyhose, on the other hand, no runs! At least so far. (Fingers crossed.)

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On I Got an M.F.A And Now I Teach English in the Middle East

Good post, but are we going to get a follow-up on what teaching community college is like in Qatar??

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On Burger Battle

In-n-Out burgers are much better than Five Guys burgers. It is true that In-n-Out fries are not good, though. PTerry's fries beat out both (Austin chain).

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On Logan Saw a Dude Steal Some Coffee And Said Nothing And Mike Is Like, That's Wrong

@coupdefoudre Yeah, I think Mike Dang is in the minority on this one. People generally have more sympathy for the poor man than the corporation.

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On WWYD: The Bad Haircut

I recently had my hair cut badly at a salon. I brought in a picture and everything! Anyway, the next day I came back and requested a fix from the same stylist. She made it better, but still not great. I requested that she add more texture at the bottom and she said that it wasn't possible with my hair (which is untrue, as I've gotten a textured bob so many times in my life). I ended up going to a different salon that gave me a real haircut (and great color, too!). In conclusion, giving them a chance to fix it is great, but sometimes you're just going to have to go elsewhere.

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On WWYD: The Referral

My feeling is that I don't really want to block someone from employment because there could be extenuating circumstances I don't know about (what if the guy just suffered a bout of major depression but is ready to get back on his feet and work hard?). So, rather than say I have reservations or whatever, if asked I tend to say something like, "I know he's a nice guy, but I've never worked with him so I couldn't say what he's like to work with" or something along those lines. Most likely his own track record will speak for itself; what's the point of adding to that?

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On Travel the World By Not Paying Rent

"If a flight attendant asks for volunteers to be bumped onto the next flight in exchange for a voucher, for God’s sake, volunteer." UNLESS that flight is JFK-LAX three days before Christmas. Then you are a damn fool and will end up spending 48 hours in the airport on standby. Love, A Damn Fool.

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On The Rolling Jubilee Kicks Off

I gave money, too! Although, in my zeal, I may have given a little bit more than I should have, but hey, at least it's going to a good cause, right?

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On This Thing Does More Than One Thing

How do you find your books if you can't see them?

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On A Prayer for a Gray and Kind of Grumpy Thursday Afternoon

@Kara M & Lisa L@twitter I am in. I just want the mystery solved.

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