On Let's All Run Away to Europe Together

I was not planning a trip to Europe but with this news it may go back on the "potential honeymoon spots" list!

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On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

@Liz the Lemur I actually switched from a leather bag to a timbuk2, for work purposes at least, and it's been GREAT. I wish I had bought one size bigger (mine juuust doesn't fit standard 8.5x11 paper :/) but otherwise it's worked out really well for me.

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On Spring Shopping

@Lily Get one of these! http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/category/storage-cleaning/laundry/drying-racks/12221/

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On Spring Shopping

@andnowlights I just remember stressing about it a lot, trying to hide my body as much as possible, and choosing comfort over flattering clothes more often than not. I probably came more into my own style in my early 20's.

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On Spring Shopping

@apples and oranges I have a pair of Patagonia capri-ish pants pants that are amazing; I wear them to work on Fridays but could probably get away with them the rest of the week if I wanted. They're like dress pants but 1,000X more comfortable. @ Lily I don't know that any of my brands are true upgrades for you - I get a lot of Banana Republic at the outlets, some Talbots, mix it in with some Old Navy or Marshall's. You'd probably get more mileage out of air drying clothes that are prone to shrinking, which yes, I know, if it says you can dry it you should be able to dry it, but I'm convinced air drying most of my business clothes is why they last a decent amount of time for the quality.

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On Could You Come Up With $700 By Midnight?

I can, but only because yesterday I got a check for $400 from my doctor's office, where apparently TWO YEARS AGO they double-billed me for my IUD. And because for once I already had $300 in savings. I probably could have finagled it - moved around some appointments, etc - but it wouldn't be without some logistical effort. The comment above made me realize I have some jewelry I could sell too, but there's really only one piece I'd be okay with parting with permanently.

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On Stupid Smarch Weather Do 1 Thing

I had to call and confirm my student loan servicer had received my IBR re-cert information. They had, they just haven't processed it yet. Bah.

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On How a Woman Who Navigates the World as Her Own Savior Does Money

@polka dots vs stripes Although admittedly the metaphorical translation of that saying is indeed good advice.

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On How a Woman Who Navigates the World as Her Own Savior Does Money

I cannot mentally get over cleaning while I cook because it's an endless cycle of getting my hands dirty - getting them clean [as I clean dishes] - getting them dirty. I get all excited I washed off the garlic gunk from my hands but then it's time to chop the chicken and I'm just gunky all over again.

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On How a Woman Who Navigates the World as Her Own Savior Does Money

@OllyOlly Really?? That's too bad - my 2009 macbook pro is slow but working (I consider using it to be self-improvement re: my patience levels) and my 2011 apple tv is chugging right along!

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