On Illogical Economics (But Really Is There Any Other Kind)

Find a friend and/or Billfold commentator (cough cough) who keeps getting emails for deals on New Yorker subscriptions even though they already have one and take advantage of it!

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On What Happens to a Dream NOT Deferred, But Found Wanting?

How do you spend your life wanting to go into national security and not realize it's a macho, competitive environment adjacent to a lot of violence and messy international events until you actually get there?!?! Did this girl read a newspaper ever??

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On Cap & Gown Fashion Inspo For All You 2014 Grads

There's a difference between an organized campaign to bring attention to this issue by wearing your debt on your cap and a random person on the internet telling you to because debt sucks or whatever. One, usually, has some type of problem statement or desired end result, the other is...this. And I see the value in the former - it helps direct the conversation, it might have concrete suggestions for changes, it lists specific grievances. The latter is a random person in the middle of a stadium with 3,000 other people wearing a number on their head. The only conversation I see that starting is "Whelp, sucks dude." Even now, we can't narrow down what we want to talk about it! I think this is a gem of an idea - it just needs to be polished to be effective, to use a weird metaphor.

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On Cap & Gown Fashion Inspo For All You 2014 Grads

@samburger Well but I guess that's kind of my point - how does this at all start a conversation? Okay, so a kid in the photo took out $31,000 in loans. That's all we know. Not what? How do you have a productive conversation with that?

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On Cap & Gown Fashion Inspo For All You 2014 Grads

I am....not sure how I feel about this. I feel like the numbers without context is a bit misleading. Who are we angry at here? The college, for raising costs to build a new dorm or something? Private lenders with insane interest rates? The poor economy and job outlook that is still affecting recent graduates? The federal laws regarding the discharge of student loans in bankruptcy? The lack of education at the high school/family level about what student loans actually mean? It seems disingenuous to me to go through four years of college and then whine about the cost at your graduation in a passive aggressive way like this. There are other ways to earn a degree if you're so upset about this. (Note: I'm not suggesting this is all their fault or that no one should go to 4 year schools full time right after high school or whatever. The student loan system is f-ed up, I just don't see how this is really helping the situation at all.)

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On Places I’ve Lived: Behind Ben Folds, Two Capitol Hills, and a D.C. Fixer-upper to Call Our Own

Well now I need to know, why didn't the couple move back after Obama won??

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On Going Without Health Insurance

I had a friend, probably 21 or 22 at the time, literally just fall to the floor in back pain. I don't remember exactly what medically happened to her, but I do know she needed to take a semester off school and basically learn how to walk again in an in-patient rehab facility. Just watching her go through that, I would never be without insurance. You just never know what's lurking.

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On The Best Places to Raise a Family (Or Not)

@Meaghano ANDREEEEE! I was convinced for a long time I was the only person (beside my sister & the aunt who showed it to us) who had ever seen that movie.

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On Introducing, Ester

Ahhh Ester, I just saw your tweet about my comment and I'm so sorry about spelling your name wrong! I often get a male variation of my nickname so I usually double check name spellings...I'm sorry. Take it as a sign of how excited I was to convey my feelings about your post?? Or my inability to proofread.

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On The Best Places to Raise a Family (Or Not)

Esther, your prose was a delight to read and I agree with everything you've said (albeit, I would have substituted "seasonal microbrew" for latte, but to each their own).

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