On For the Love of Books

There are places to buy ebooks online that aren't Amazon/Apple, FYI! There's ebooks.com, Diesel ebooks, Kobo, and others. You can also get free, out of copyright ebooks from Project Gutenberg. That being said, I get most of my books from the library because, while I love books, there is no "dinner and drinks with friends" library so: the money's gotta go somewhere. I do LOVE my kindle, mostly for my New Yorker subscription, though, and if I had more disposable income I'd be spending tons more on books than I do. Does anyone else worry/wonder about how our kids are going to end up introduced to media? We were able to thumb through a parent's CD or record collection and bookshelves, and I want my kids to have the same ability. I get the feeling I'm going to be purchasing a lot of books I enjoyed as a library book/ebook as my kids grow up, just to have them around the house.

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On For the Love of Books

@calamity Same here! The only book I've been able to successfully download as a library ebook is Twilight (I refused to pay for it and I refused to be seen with the library copy), otherwise the books are always checked out OR just generally not available as an ebook. I think my library's selection is getting better but I'd rather just get the hardback.

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On Hustles

I am so unoriginal and such a rule follower terrified of getting into trouble, none of things ever occurred to me and even if they did, I'd have a heart attack before I could go through with it. Further confirmation I'd be bad at this - I've been trying to sell some dress clothes and nice but still costume-y jewelry for ages and: no dice. Or that's a comment on my fashion choices. Still.

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On Citywide Blight Due to Shady Donation Boxes

@E$ Find a local thrift store, for sure. A lot of cities have ones run by domestic violence shelters/support that provides clothes for "Dress for Success" type programs and the money the thrift store makes helps fund the services the shelter provides. My city has one that's kind of out of the way, but eventually I get my act together and go over there. I think I found this store just by googling "[my city] thrift store" or "[my city] domestic violence dress for success." Yelp is good too.

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On The New SATs

This is going to indicate either how well I prepared for the SATs or how long ago I took them, but: If there are no deductions for wrong answers...how do you get lower than a perfect score, ever? Is it that you start at a certain level and gain points for correct answers?

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On Monday Check-in

@ceereelyo Congratulations on finishing!

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On Monday Check-in

@Chel That was sweet of you to buy the shoes!

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On Monday Check-in

@RiffRandell @andnowlights As someone who burns easily despite copious amounts of sunscreen, I am also curious about the results of this experiment!

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On Updates: Medical Bill Solved + Two Vacuums

@DebtOrAlive And photocopy the whole thing before you send it and write "Sent blahblahdate" on it!

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On $45 a Month for a Bottomless Cup of Coffee

@garli I'm confused by people who wake up early enough to eat breakfast and have coffee before having to leave the house. Travel mugs and portable breakfasts for everyone!

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