On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...


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On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

Wait!! Have you paid the bill yet??? I had a similar situation with a doctor (also a dermatologist, oddly enough) and I called and complained and they rebilled it as in-network. You did your due diligence to find an in-network doctor! The insurance company misled you! What's to stop them from just listing every doctor in sight as in-network and then sending you a surprise bill otherwise? (I still had to pay a bunch of money for a resident to be wrong about absolutely everything I came in for [thank god for attendings!] but it was less than they were trying to bill me for at least?)

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On One Is the Loneliest Number, So Find a Cell Phone Family Plan

@Marille she didn't really appreciate all my talk about unfunded mandates I like the cut of your jib.

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On The Pros and Cons of Neti Pots. Plus, A Camp Horror Story!

Use distilled water! Yes, it's an additional cost, and yes, heating it up via a tea kettle or the microwave is longer than your hot water faucet, but when you have a cold and so much snot up there, it's so worth.

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On How a Non-Profit Attorney Who Provides Legal Services to Low-Income NYC Residents Does Money

If you switched jobs to something in the private sector, would your school require any kind of repayment or restitution for the years they paid your loans? Or do they just write those off?

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On Advice On Employees And 403(B)s

The only thing I would change is that you can opt out at anytime, not just within a set period.

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On My No-Purchase November Adventure

@NoName I only have so many dollars and only so many things I can do with them. I am retiring in 40+ years. I also would like to pay off my student loans in the next 10. I have to prioritize one of them - so right now it's my loans & other debt. When I have money to invest in IRAs and the financial-emotional bandwidth to actively manage them, I will. Right now my money/time is being taken up by student loans & their management companies.

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On My No-Purchase November Adventure

@Erica I usually only order one thing (besides my meal) anyway - I almost never get an appetizer unless the table is sharing it. Thank you though! If you had recommendations for how to magically get your car to get double the miles to the gallon, that's probably one of the bigger expenses I haven't figured out a way to get out of (why aren't vineyard shuttles a thing yet??)

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On My No-Purchase November Adventure

@Allison .....and wine is food, right?? (we have wine-tasting plans). I don't plan on a shopping spree but we'll be "buying" things like museum tickets, etc that I normally don't. I feel badly, she's never been up here and she wants to do all these expensive touristy things right as I'm buckling down on my budget for our wedding in the fall.

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On My No-Purchase November Adventure

@Sam B Yeah I agree. I have my 401(k) and all that jazz, but I don't do anything to supplement it or actively manage it because I'm not going to retire for at least another 40 years and the financial world could very well look very different by then. I'm not going to waste my energy thinking about how I'm going to pay for groceries when I'm 75 when I'm trying to pay off my student loans in 10 years - that's a much more immediate concern. When retirement becomes more immediate, I'll start more actively managing that.

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