On Considering What Wealthy Is

Feeling spiritually vs. financially wealthy are two very different things! "If I can pay my bills and I got my boo" is its own type of wealth, to be sure - but I struggle with being in a joyful partnership that barely keeps its head above water, financially. (My husband is currently a substitute teacher between jobs, though working a few side gigs; my salary DEFINITELY does not pay all the bills.) I feel like a baseline of financial-wealthy is: not at all living paycheck to paycheck; having no (or at least very well managed) debt; having substantial savings (whatever that means to your situation). When listening to Marketplace, I've found myself nodding along with "you're wealthy when...you don't have to worry about being able to pay for your future children's college."

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

@TheDilettantista "I wear a lot of black and so purses that pop, preferably in red or purple, that's the way to go." YES. Also, I find that a solid color purse is likelier to go well with any/all neutrals than a traditional black or brown leather (unless you go with cordovan, which: <3).

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

Oh! Maybe it's just that I'm not an overly matching-concerned lady (I don't mind when people mix gold/silver, I can't stand the thought of having either a brown or a black purse, I have partially-pink hair and consider it a neutral), but I think a purple bag should go with most things. Have no fear! Treat it as a neutral, unless it's a print that will clash with other prints.

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On A Cool Savings Plan I've Discovered Is Lactose Intolerance (I Want to Die)

All may not be lost (but I'm sorry if it is): can your body handle goat cheese? I've known a surprising number of people who are violently allergic to cow dairy, but can digest goat dairy. I meeean, chèvre ain't no Velveeta, but it IS cheese. Also, if you don't hate tomato, egg + tomato (salt and pepper optional) on a bagel or English muffin is my jam.

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On When CSAs Go from Small to Big

@selenana Baked eggplant parm (or the Martha Stewart recipe) is a favorite at our house, as is (approximated variants of) Moroccan eggplant stew. Or ratatouille? OR recently we made eggplant fajitas with a bunch of onion/bell peppers/poblano/cubanelle (though I'm not sure of the exact recipe, as I heard tell of soy sauce and liquid smoke being used w/ the eggplant.)

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On When CSAs Go from Small to Big

But.. yea? I think the 'cook a lot of it up front' advice sounds key. Also, Mr. Singstrix and I buy a lot of grocery-store produce every week (minimum 1 large bag kale, 1 large bag spinach, some array of eggplant/beets/cauliflower/squash/tomatoes/peppers, probably more onions, maybe more garlic), so a CSA could feasibly save us both time and money?

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On Pixie Cuts: The Right Financial Choice for Your Head

I love (love) having short hair, but it costs me more than having longer hair ever did: 1] Stylists*. It seems like fewer people are good at cutting a decent pixie that is neither a man's cut or well-meaning Mom Hair, let alone a cut that grows out the 8-10 weeks I will dawdle before coughing up for a trim. This means I actually have to pay $40-50 (SCREAM) for a salon cut, vs. the $14 I WANT to pay. I have been burned by several Hair Cutteries and Master Cuts, yes. *I did recently discover a local Floyd's Barbershop, which is cute, unisex, and $21 for a cut. I like the job they did, but have to see how it grows out. 2] Frequency of cuts. As a long-haired person, it didn't seem like a curse that my hair grew quickly. As a short-haired, impoverished person, it seems cruel that if I want my hair to look a specific way, I should be paying to have it cut every 4-5 weeks. 3] YES, product. I have to quell urges to try every reasonably cheap texturizing paste, pomade, styling wax, etc. Not to mention that now dry shampoo is an option, too (and gosh, you gotta find the right one.. ) Short hair is still the best, though.

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