On I Didn't Think Art Could Make Me Rich, But I Thought It Might Pay Some Very Cheap Rent (Nope)

Anyone else seeing the irony of publishing this piece on a website that doesn't pay its writers?

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On Do You Look Forward to Going to Work?

As an introvert, I never looked forward to going to jobs - even jobs I really liked - because it meant nine hours of being 'on' and happy and a team-player and all of the things modern corporations require. I was exhausted after work and needed the time in my car on the way home to recentre and be quiet. Open plan offices and lots of ringing phones and meetings are really hard on introverts!

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On Small Victories

Well done, Logan! You should be proud :)

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On WWYD: Shopping Across the Border

But isn't part of the reason the the US prices are so cheap is because a lot of the workers who contribute to those goods don't get paid a living wage and all of the other political stuff that comes with a country where so many people live in poverty? Like it's great to save a buck on butter or whatever, but if that dollar translates into the farmer, distributer and supermarket employee earning enough money to not be on food stamps and knowing that the taxes that the sale generates (sales tax, employee tax, etc) mean that my country has affordable accessible healthcare for all not just those who can afford it, .just pay the buck extra already.

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On Is It Worth $5 to Return This Bread, What About $4 for These Headphones With a Microphone in Them

Seriously, just take stuff back. I used to have massive social anxiety about it but my local supermarket constantly sells me fruit that grows mould after one day. last yeqr I got so cross at my inability to make the blueberry pancakes I'd been planning all week because of the mouldy fruit that I stormed back in with my receipt and the fruit and the customer service people just did not bat an eyelid. They replaced my fruit, gave me a refund (as per store policy), apologised for the inconvenience and said they hoped I had a nice weekend. Something that was such a huge deal to me did not even register as an event to the store at all. So my long winded message is take the stuff back! They'll be nice and sorry they inconvenienced you, you'll have your money and/or a replacement product and then you won't feel cross about your wasted money and the company may or may not improve their practices. It's win-win, really.

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On The 1 Thing Experience

I love the Billfold for many reasons but one of the biggest ones is this day. I feel so much better when I have that one thing done! (As a side note, for me the one thing is mailing a letter to my doctor disputing a bill. I love my doctor and she's fantastic but she screwed up a bill and I can't afford to wear the cost of her mistake so I'm hoping that me Bringing her error to her practice's billing department won't mess up our professional relationship... Eek!)

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On 1 More Chance to Do That 1 Thing

Well done, Logan! It' s great that you've paid off and now cancelled two credit cards :)

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On How to Reduce the Fine on a $450 Parking Ticket

As someone with a disability who needs to used disabled car spaces, please please please don't park disabled spaces if you don't have a disabled sticker. I know this was an honest mistake but there have been cases where I have missed appointments and had to return home because some able-bodied arsehole decided their need justified them parking in a disabled spot. $200 seems like a fair penalty to me though, so no problems with this story.

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On Zero-Sum

I really enjoy visiting the Billfold but I'm always perplexed by posts that are just cut-and-pastes from other sites without any editorial comments.

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On From Librarian to Small Business Owner: A Chat with The Written Nerd's Emma McElfresh

I enjoyed this article but I cannot believe how cheap postage is in this - $4 shipping internationally? Last time I sent a letter in a standard size envelope from Melbourne to Las Vegas it cost me $2.50.

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