On Do You Venmo?

I finally signed up for Venmo because the girl who put our entire 18 person VRBO cabin in the poconos on her credit card demanded it. You can't say no to that person. We all were making horrible jokes about Lucas the entire time, though.

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On Link Roundup!: Popcorn Secrets; Theme Weddings; Return of the King (Bloomberg)

Oh god I clenched from the moment I read the wedding theme until the line where she mentioned her family is Mexican. That could have gone SO POORLY but instead it was amazing and I am very very glad for them.

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On Amazon's Prime Membership Increases to $99 a Year

I share a prime membership with my partner, and we buy all of our pet supplies from Amazon, plus we have a SmartTV and use netflix, amazon instant, and hulu plus instead of TV. But I would pay $100/year just so I didn't have to carry huge bags of cat litter on the subway, so there's that.

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On The Cost of a TV Show's Wardrobe

Even when they do use off-the-rack clothes, they are tailored so that they fit the actors perfectly, which makes sense but is also oddly disheartening?

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On Clothes Are in the Top 5 Most Important Things of My Life, Maybe Top 3

Logan, your interviews are phenomenal. Reading them, even when they're about difficult subjects, gives me this wonderful sense of calm and peace.

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On Much Ado About Interns

Mike Dang, when you do need a personal assistant, let me know. I am very good at reminding people to do things like eat lunch/have caffeine, I can maintain schedules for other people, and while I am not exactly a fixer, I am an extremely skilled bullshitter. Plus I make super tasty baked goods.

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On Amazon Expands Its Grocery Business

If the quality is good, and if they can offer me something that is inconvenient for me to get because (say) I don't live within reasonable distance of any Fairway at a price that I value as less than that inconvenience, I would consider it. I used FreshDirect a lot more when I lived in a borderline food desert where I had no reliable places to buy meat or fish-- there was an organic market around the corner that had good produce and most of my staple dry goods, but the Pathmark four avenues away was your typical inner city supermarket with poor quality and little variety or turnover of product. But as one of the gentrifiers, I could have my fancy food delivered, and pay the higher prices and delivery fees. If I planned meals more than I do, I could see myself using services like this a lot more.

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On Very Specific Reasons to Buy and Eat Dessert

Reading this was so amazingly soothing. Like text-based ASMR.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

Unlimited metrocard, $112. I take cabs rarely but live in an outer borough, so it can get up to $150. My parents cover NJTransit tickets for when I visit them, so that doesn't get added to my tally. So yeah, let's got with $130 as an average.

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On The Triumphant Return of Do 1 Thing

I started seeing a therapist! I don't know how I feel about this yet!

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