On Life After Art School: Interview With a Bookbinder

This was so neat! I'm about to take a bookbinding course, and I'm also working on some fiction where one of the characters binds books as a hobby, so I could not have clicked on this interview faster. I want to hand-tool spines one day, too!

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On How Much The Borrowers Owe Us

@stuffisthings J'ACCUSE

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On When Your College Friend Becomes an Insurance Salesman: A Survival Guide

@Mike Dang Ahh yay thanks! It's a pre-Thanksgiving miracle!

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On When Your College Friend Becomes an Insurance Salesman: A Survival Guide

Sorry but the image for this post really should've been Ned Ryerson because BING

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Yes, I Live in Brooklyn, How Did You Know?

No, oh my God, your first purchase, pure terror /clutches for EpiPen

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On What Would You Do With a $20,000 Windfall?

@Shan Palus@facebook I would buy us a couch the put the rest in the couch, like between the cushions, for safekeeping

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On The Rise and Fall of an Independent Video Store

@hopelessshade Right? As soon as I got to that line I was like THE VIDEO CONNECTION. Y'all do know that THE VIDEO CONNECTION is a front for selling lottery tix, right? It's illegal in IL to have a store that ONLY sells scratch-offs, so their ostensible day-job business is "renting movies." I wouldn't really call it an indie rental store for that reason (though I did once buy a Twilight poster there while waiting for my laundry to be done, so.)

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On Getting a Job With a Liberal Arts Degree

I majored in MEDIEVAL STUDIES. (Let that sink in for a minute.) I'm employed at a job I love because I write well. While I love and will defend my B.A. FEROCIOUSLY, I honestly don't know if these two facts are related. I think I was lucky, and that I worked hard, and that I was lucky. Then again, even if the did-you-know factoids about 12th century France are basically a quarter-million-dollar party trick, I don't know who I'd be without them. So...anecdotal proof of holistic methods? YMMV, everyone.

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On Where Do You Go My Darling 1 Thing

@andnowlights Wow. Mazel tov. Hope better things are ahead!

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On Where Do You Go My Darling 1 Thing

My GP told me that one of my legs is almost an inch longer (!!!!) than its twin and that I should see a chiropractor. That was in February. I fully intend to call one today except I'm also a little wigged about chiros in general because THEY ARE NOT DOCTORS even though they wear scrubs and WHAT IF I HAVE A STROKE FROM ARTERIAL DISSECTION. But I have this bad bad shoulder pain that won't go away and I think it's a result of my screwed-up, whacked-out body and at this point I'm okay with being treated like a human Bop-It if it means I can sit comfortably at my keyboard for countless hours

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