On Friday Estimate

I have friends coming to visit this weekend from Long Beach. Super excited, but going to try not to be too spendy. Friday - Trip to Trader Joe's to pick up a few snacks, tp and breakfast things ($25). Tonight dinner and a cocktail ($40). Saturday - Going to see a friend speak at an Asian Am Studies conference ($0) and will make friends breakfast at my place beforehand ($0). Then probably lunch in the Mission ($10), coffee at some point ($5), dinner in the Castro ($20) and drinks and dancing after ($20). Sunday - Probably brunch ($25). Total Estimate: $145

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On Frugal Travel Moves That Backfired On Me

This post reminded me of my most memorable free breakfast -- a friend and I were staying at a hotel in Tokyo. We didn't know that they offered a free breakfast beforehand so it was a pleasant surprise when, at check-in, the concierge asked us if we would like the "complimentary hot dog breakfast." We exchanged glances, sort of confused and said, "Sure, why not." The next morning room service brought up a hot dog for each of us, with a side of a single potato wedge and a ketchup packet. :)

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On Monday Check-in

@PicNic that quilt is great! i love the concept!

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On Monday Check-in

Mmmm frozen custard. I'm pretty sure I spent more than I'd estimated, but let's see: Friday: decided to "treat myself" to some SF chowder for lunch ($6.50), then once in the North Bay, went to a grocery store wine tasting, which was a lot of fun ($4) and bought a bottle for passover dinner ($14.75). We also picked up burgers for dinner ($14) Saturday: Went to Willi's Wine Bar for lunch. Food was amazing. Totally worth it. ($36) Then went wine tasting, and I bought two bottles ($40). We stopped at a coffee shop before dinner because I was wine sleepy ($4). Sunday: My friend's dad picked us up and we went to Lagunitas Brewing Co, which was a lot of fun. ($19 for lunch + beer) And then a quick latte before our ferry ride home ($4) Total: $142.25 I believe I estimated $120, so this is not too far off!

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On Friday Estimate

Really excited about this weekend. Going to my friend's hometown up north for a low key weekend outside of the city (staying with her mom, so no expense there!). Shouldn't be too spendy, so here's my estimate: Friday - ferry fare has already been loaded to my Clipper card so, $0. Burrito + snacks ($20). Saturday - wine tasting + lunch + buying a couple bottles, some for me, one for passover later in the evening ($70). Sunday - lunch + coffee/snacks ($30). ferry back to SF ($0). Total weekend estimate: $120

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend will be pretty low key. Today: After work, I'm going to hit up the cheap frame store to finally (after a year) frame some prints and decorate the wall by my bed with fun things to look at. (Hopefully less than $50) Tonight, going to a go-away thing at a bar. ($10) Then go home and work on my project that is due Monday. Saturday: Work on project all day. ($0) Catch up on Girls, Looking and Downton Abbey as a reward. ($0) Sunday: Continue to work on project, then go to a free screening of the new Cesar Chavez movie (+ Q&A panel) with my friend who's in law school. ($0) Maybe do a grocery run for the week. ($40) Weekend estimate: $100

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On How Do You Split the Cost of a Group Trip?

^ Kate's suggestions are great! Also, I LOOOOVVVEEE this app called Billr. It's a couple bucks and is mostly helpful with splitting bills at restaurants, but I use it EVERY TIME I go out with groups of people. Also, when I go on trips with friends, we usually have what we call a "kitty fund," where everyone contributes, say $50 and we use that for groceries, gas, shared expenses like sunblock, train fare, whatevs. And if there's money leftover, we split it. When we don't have a kitty fund, one of my friends is an accountant so she'll save all of our receipts and put together a spreadsheet that gives us an idea of what each of us owes whom.

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On Loans From Your Employer

Holy crap, this is can be really scary. Thanks for posting this!

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On Friday Estimate

I just got back from Mardi Gras in NOLA, so I'm excited to do as little as possible this weekend. Here's my estimate: Friday - Haircut ($100, including tip), go home and watch season 7 of Friends and make dinner using things in my cupboard. Saturday - Farmer's Market + Trader Joe's run ($50), probably pick up a Subway sandwich because it's becoming a ritual ($7), then work on my mgmt school project while drinking tea at home ($0). Sunday - Stay in. Probably work on my project and also work on a logo. Watch some movies. Do laundry and try to clean since I have friends coming into town next weekend (yay!). Total estimate: $157

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2014 Check-In

@TheDoctorsCompanion sa-weeet! congrats to you as well! :)

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