On Label Whoring at Thrift Town

I <3 thrifting and this article was terrific. Looking forward to hearing more from Beatrice!

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On Nobody’s Default But My Own: What Happened When I Decided to Stop Paying My Credit Card Debt

@ reynardina -- totally not trying to hate either, i just wanted to know what ended up happening. i hope that you're able to get back on track as well. credit card debt sucks, i too have credit card debt. best of luck to you!

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On Nobody’s Default But My Own: What Happened When I Decided to Stop Paying My Credit Card Debt

@wrappedupinbooks interesting! i didn't know that.

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On Nobody’s Default But My Own: What Happened When I Decided to Stop Paying My Credit Card Debt

I'm confused about what happened after the author stopped answering the phone. The debt just went away? I feel like there's a paragraph missing.

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On Monday Check-in

So, I think this might be the first time I ever spent less than my estimate, but let's double check... Thursday night: went to dinner at my friend's place. ended up spending $15 at the store getting fancy donuts and a box of crackers to go with the cheese another friend brought. Friday: went to my friend’s place in the Mission and finished a baby blanket i'd been working on. ate peruvian food for dinner ($31.50), and bought a glass of wine at the bar after ($9). Saturday: ended up not going to oakland to meet up with a friend. stayed in all day and then went to Jack in the box ($8) and karaoke ($32, $22 for drinks), then grabbed an Uber home ($6). Sunday: stayed in all day working on a project. did not leave the house. felt awesome. ($0) Original estimate: $107 Actual spent: $123.50 So I guess I didn't spend under my estimate, but less than $20 over ain't bad either!

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On Fourth of July Weekend Estimate

I was in LA last weekend and it was pretty spendy, so this weekend will be a lot calmer. Tonight: going to dinner at a friend's place. she's making risotto and already has too many bottles of wine, so I was told not to bring anything. maybe i'll bring some fruit or cookies ($10). Friday: spending the day working on a project, and then heading to my friend's place with roof access in the Mission to probably eat ($20), drink wine (free, i'll bring a bottle from my stash), and watch illegal fireworks from the roof, which are super cool and kinda scary. Saturday: meet a friend in oakland at the Oakland Museum of California to work on our websites. ($7 bart fare, $20 lunch) Sunday: the deadline for my project is EOD sunday, so i'll be finishing that up, and maybe watching some Netflix. ($0) also, i should do a trader joes run. ($50) Total estimate: $107

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: June 2014 Check-in

@ThatJenn that graph and you paying down your debt is terrific!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: June 2014 Check-in

Time to get back to holding myself accountable for paying off stuff & saving! I paid off a credit card at the beginning of the year, but am getting close to paying back a 401(k) loan. Payments for this are deducted from my paycheck every month, so it'll be fun to countdown to $0 owed! 401(k) Loan Payback: June - $3,254 And in recent news, one of my best friends and I decided to take a trip together to England & France later next year. My goal is to save $2,000 by May of 2015 (right now I'm automatically transferring $40 each paycheck). So I'll track my vacation savings here: Vacation Savings: June - $121 Woo!

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On Friday Estimate

I'm in a wedding next weekend in LA, which is also going to involve being a tourist and going to Hollywood and Disneyland, so this weekend will be super low key. Tonight: A's game with coworkers (tickets are free), mandatory pork nachos + beverage ($15), roundtrip BART fare ($7) Saturday: Stay home, do laundry, do some design work, read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (I'm one chapter in and it's pretty rad). ($0) Sunday: Go to Sephora to get some makeup that will work with my bridesmaid dress ($50 <-- hopefully no more than this), buy some last minute garments ($50), Chipotle for lunch (because when I'm downtown, this is mandatory) ($10), restorative yoga class ($25 - pack of 3). Total estimate: $157

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On Places I’ve Lived: A Dormitory for the Arts, Urban Hilltops, and a Former Department Store

oh, that day we looked at the noe valley apartment was a day i'll never forget. i don't think i've ever been sweatier, or... what's the equivalent of "hangry" but for caffeine? that. but it was totally worth it! <3

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