On Friday Estimate

My head started hurting today, so I really hope I'm not getting sick. I'm gonna try to lay low and get a lot of rest, so here's my plan: Tonight: go home, make yogurt overnight in my crock pot ($5 for grass fed whole milk), and watch movies i've checked out from the library. Saturday: farmer's market ($15), coffee shop to work on my project for mgmt school ($10) Sunday: birthday brunch for a coworker ($40), and work on a quilt the rest of the day I don't have to do a major grocery trip this weekend since I'm pretty stocked up, so it shouldn't be a very pricey weekend. Yay for that. Total estimate: $70

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On Friday Estimate

Haven't done this in a while! Let's see: Tonight: go home, make dinner, watch movies I checked out from the library ($0) Saturday: Farmer's Market ($20), Trader Joes ($40), Walgreens ($20) Sunday: use my gift card to see an early movie ($0), work on a quilt for a friend ($0) Monday: walking tour in the morning ($5 donation), then lunch at Chipotle ($10), work on my management school project at my favorite coffee shop ($10) Total estimate: $105

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: December 2014 Check-in

New year = increased determination to pay off my credit card. 401(k) Loan Payback: September – $2,686 October – $2, 505 November – $2,324 December - $1,982 Southwest Airlines Card: August – $5,133 September – $4,169 October – $4,307 November – $4,132 December - $3,592 I'm excited to see my card balance below $4k and my loan balance below $2k. Progress is definitely being made and I'm happy about that.

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On An Interview With Someone Who Got Fired for Not Having a 'Hunger for Marketing'

"I was like, “No, as long as I keep learning I’ll be happy.” I kept sugarcoating it, but I wasn’t lying. I didn’t think it was worthwhile to lie and say I’m happy, because I don’t know who benefits from that, neither me nor them. And I got into a routine, I did all their work, probably not at the same rate as the temp they were hiring who embraced our menial task as our life’s work and took it very seriously." I don't know -- it sounds to me like this person was lying a bit. I think ultimately it was right for the company to let them go because they clearly didn't want to be there. It's a waste of that person's time and the company's. It sounds like the intern had a bad attitude, and frankly I wouldn't want to work with someone like that either. That kind of attitude is super toxic to organizations/companies, regardless of whether or not they're completing the tasks that they find menial. I hope they find something that they don't hate doing.

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On Thinking About Year-end Numbers: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

This has been a fascinating series, thanks for sharing this with us! Also, best of luck paying down that debt and moving into a one bedroom apartment!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2014 Check-in

@ThatJenn thank you! and, yeah man! i'm already so tempted with all of these online salesssss.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2014 Check-in

What is that saying, when you make plans God laughs, or something? I feel like that is what happened with my credit card payoff. My goal was to have a balance around $1500 by year end and that is definitely not happening. December is a 3 paycheck month though, so I should be able to knock off another $1,000 from my credit card. So here's hoping for a balance somewhere around $3100 by the end of the year. I can do it! (I think.) 401(k) Loan Payback: September – $2,686 October – $2, 505 November - $2,324 Southwest Airlines Card: August – $5,133 September – $4,169 October – $4,307 November - $4,132

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On Friday Estimate

Welcome back! Looks like you had a fun trip! I'll be driving home for the Thanksgiving holiday mid-day next Tuesday, so I'm trying to keep this weekend very relaxed, also I have a looming design project that I desperately want to knock out before the holidays really kick into gear. Here's my plan: Friday: after work, dinner at home while working on design stuff, then board game night at my friend's place. ($20 for roundtrip Uber, $0 for wine I'm bringing that's already in my stash) Saturday: coffee shop & more work with a friend ($5), then we're going to SF Dungeon! We bought tix on Groupon a couple months ago, so this is FREE, unless we indulge in gift shop goods. Also, since we'll be in Fisherman's Wharf, seafood will need to happen. ($20) Sunday: just more working from home. maybe a walk to trader joe's ($30) to pick up a few things, and then we'll see from there! Estimate: $75

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October 2014 Check-in

@BreakTheTerror best of luck to you! i work for a credit union and we partner with BALANCE Financial Fitness: https://www.balancepro.net/ -- i'm sure there are many other counseling companies like this one out there. these monthly check-ins have really helped me keep myself accountable, and i hope they are helpful for you as well. :)

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October 2014 Check-in

@steponitvelma baby steps is the way to go! you can do it!

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