On In Conversation With My Friend, a Prostitute

"If you consider Mary’s resume, escorting doesn’t seem too far of a stretch. She had been a waitress, an actress, a barista. 'They were all the same thing—jobs that rely on a woman teasing men—just socially accepted. And aren’t we all whores, to an extent? We’re selling energy, talent, time for cash. With this?' She gesticulates towards Meyer-esque breasts. 'I’m just getting straight to the point.'" Great read, but this part made me kind of mad. Like, there are waiters, actors, and male baristas - are they all relying on teasing women? I mean if you want to sell your body, it's your body, but it's not fair to equate tending bar to tending dick.

Posted on August 16, 2012 at 3:21 pm 9