On Here is Your Open Thread

@3jane I just want to point out that at the Yankee Candle factory store in the Berkshires, it's Christmas all day everyday and it is terrifying.

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On Real World Math

Any orchards selling seconds at the farmers market? That's usually where I get my apples in the winter. They usually come in 10lb bags for ~$10, but that means you can make this bonkers crockpot apple butter.

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On Breast Cancer Is a Terrible Disease and Buying Pink Doesn't Change That, Help Anyone

I worked in admin at a cancer center for a few years just as this campaign was starting to ramp up (2008-2010) and now it drives me absolutely bonkers.

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On What I Learned About The $20 Trick

@Jellybish I've done this, too! They were happy to fill the room, we were happy to not have to sleep in the park, so everybody wins!

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On When CSAs Go from Small to Big

@ThatJenn This eggplant curry is pretty fantastic!

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On When CSAs Go from Small to Big

This is my first year doing a CSA (Farmer Dave's, if you're in/north of Boston), and I kind of like it? I like knowing that I have a constant stream of veggies coming in, and it's made me a better cook, but it is actually really stressful. I've had to add a giant plastic bin to my fridge because I ran out of room in my crisper drawers. However, because the share is fresh-picked, everything lasts longer. (A pro-tip I learned from my farm: turn down the temperature in the fridge a couple degrees if you have problems with stuff going bad really quickly.) It's also cheaper, but the same quality as, the farmer's market. For me, it worked out to $25/week for what feels like an unlimited supply of food. I think it's worth it if you're prepared to cook at home most nights and also eat mostly vegetarian.

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On What Happens When You Lose Your Money Abroad

I lived in France for three months during college, and managed to lose my debit card in a sketchy ATM machine on a Friday afternoon before I left town for the weekend. I ended up borrowing money from my host parents. For reasons that elude me now, I couldn't call BoA directly. (Trouble calling the 800-number internationally or something...?) So I ended up on an improvised 3-way call with my mom and the bank. My mom had me on one line and the bank on the other, and literally just held the two phones together so I could talk to the bank. It worked, though!

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On We Need to Talk About Bookshelves

@kellyography When I was outfitting my apartment, I fell into a time vortex and somehow spent 5 hours by myself, in Ikea, hauling around two (two!) carts worth of stuff, like a crazy person. The $120 dining set was worth it, though.

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On The Boomerang Kids Are All Right

Yep, done this. For a month in the fall of 2007 post-college, and then again this past fall for three months. Both times I was in-between things, and I left as soon as I found work, because my parents live in a small town and I didn't want to live there long term. Love my parents, but I grew up out in the country, and I'm done with that. I was thankful to have a place to hunker down during my job search, though. I didn't give them rent, because I was unemployed, but I bought my own food and cooked dinner most nights.

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