On Chatting About A New Era

Meaghan!! Congrats on the new gig; glad you won't be completely abandoning us. <3

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On The Glitch in the Game

I don't have words. But thank you.

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On Monday Check-In

Friday: I did not get my eyebrows done, because it was mega cold and I wanted to go home. My husband had a long-awaited victory over management at work, so we celebrated by picking up an eight-pack of Ommegang ($25ish). Saturday: We got our new bedroom set!! I love it. We tipped the delivery guys $60 because of the difficulty of getting everything up the stairs and through the narrow hallway to our bedroom; in retrospect, we overtipped, because we ended up having to set up some things ourselves and are going to have to have someone come back in to install the mirror of the set, as the guys said the brackets hadn't been sent with the rest of the delivery (they totally had been). After a long, long day, we were in no mood to cook and thus ordered Thai ($35, but I over-ordered so as to have lunch today and tomorrow). Sunday: I'm celebrating my mom's birthday on Wednesday, so I didn't spend money on that yet. On the other hand, my godnephew's first birthday is today, so I bought him a stuffed teddy bear that's approximately as big as he is ($30). I also bought wine ($16) and we stocked up on groceries ($92). Estimated total: $200-250ish Actual total: $258.

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On Working Over the Holidays Horror Stories

@Splendorofmorgan Who doesn't freaking tip on Christmas Eve? Wow.

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On Friday Estimate

@pterodactylish What!! Are the appointments today going to undo the nerve damage, or is the healing going to be a really drawn-out process? :(

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: Getting my eyebrows done; it's been far too long ($8?). Also buying a few groceries and wine ($50?). Tomorrow: We are finally getting our new bedroom set delivered!!! Which means I need to stop at the ATM today and get money for tips, wow, I am glad I remembered that. What is a good amount to tip per person given that they're delivering two dressers, two nightstands, sleigh bed, and mattress? Like $40 each? $50? Sunday: Is my mom's birthday, oops, I should probably buy her a card and a present or something. I feel so disorganized! Let's call this $30, since I may just end up taking her out to lunch. Total: With tips and everything this is probably going to be a $200-$250ish weekend.

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On 1 Thing Will Make You Jump (Jump)

My 1 Thing is, as always, Do Laundry.

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On Monday Check-in

It's just as well that I didn't estimate on Friday, since my weekend did not really go as planned. Friday: My husband had a crap day at work, so we ended up ordering pizza and wings for dinner ($23), but at least the leftover pizza will be lunch for a couple of days. Saturday: I personally spent $0, but spent eight straight hours enduring our contractors installing siding on our house, and there was not a single room I could go to where I couldn't hear the hammering; it was like something out of the Tell-Tale Heart. My husband, on the other hand, spent twelve straight hours enduring his brother's inefficient planning re: renovating his own house, didn't get lunch until 3pm, and didn't eat dinner until 10. I assume his brother picked up the tab for both, but I don't actually know for sure. Sunday: It was my great-aunt's 97th birthday! So we and my parents went over there, got dinner delivered, and generally celebrated ($5 for the toll back from NJ; we should have taken advantage of the ludicrously cheap gas, but by the time we left we were too tired). Total: $28 and some of my sanity. Not actually that bad!

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: I don't remember what I did, but it didn't involve laundry. Actually, my weekend as a whole did not involve laundry; I don't know why I have such a difficult time getting that done. Saturday: Made spaghetti sauce! And also painted my nails. Sunday: My husband made beer bread (free; yummy). I took advantage of being a Sephora VIB to spend more money at Sephora, but it's all stuff I'll use eventually (probably) (I hope) ($44). We also ordered takeout from a Szechuan place because I was craving dan dan noodles ($25, but my husband will get a lunch out of his leftovers, so I don't feel too bad). Estimated total: $50 Actual total: $69. Could've been worse.

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On Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! We have no plans that I can think of this weekend. Tonight: Do laundry? (Yes, laundry was my 1 thing yesterday; no, I didn't actually do laundry.) Tomorrow: Assuming I remember to defrost sausage in time, I plan to make spaghetti sauce. Sunday: Maybe we'll order pizza? $20. Total: $20, but I'll bump that up to $50 since there's always something I forget.

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