On Friday Estimate

Tonight we have dinner reservations at a fancy Italian place - it's Restaurant Week, so we'll probably only spend $100-$120. The rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning the house in preparation for our Super Bowl party on Sunday. We have all the supplies we'll need for that, so unless I order something on Amazon (or we order pizza tomorrow) Saturday and Sunday will be spend-free. Total: Let's say $150 to be safe.

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On Symbolic Purchases

Hugs from another Billfolder in recovery. Keep on enjoying those pulled pork sandwiches. <3

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On Friday Estimate

Thanks all - much appreciated. It's such a weird mixture of expected and sudden that I don't think it's really sunk in yet.

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On Friday Estimate

@fletchasketch Nah, that's perfectly acceptable. It's not like you're bringing a half-finished bottle of wine or something.

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On Friday Estimate

It ended up being a really good thing that we went to visit my husband's great-aunt in the hospital on Monday, because she passed away yesterday morning. So it's going to be a sad and also pricey weekend. Tonight: A friend's distillery is doing a showcase at a local restaurant, so we'll go out to happy hour and support him ($50+, depending how much we eat and drink). Saturday: Assuming the snow doesn't completely derail our plans, we're driving back out to my husband's hometown in the afternoon or evening ($4 for tolls?), then possibly a birthday dinner for my sister-in-law ($40?), then we'll check into our hotel for the weekend ($180?). Sunday: If the Saturday birthday dinner gets canceled because of snow, then it'll be a Sunday birthday lunch instead. There will probably some last-minute funeral preparations (the funeral is Monday), or maybe starting to clean out his aunt's apartment. At some point we'll probably take advantage of lower gas prices while we're not in the city ($50?). Total: $324, but basically all our meals are going to be at restaurants, so I'll round up to $400. And that's not even counting whatever we spend on Monday.

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On Monday Check-in

I didn't estimate, which is just as well - Saturday: $205 to have our locks changed, in case our jerkass contractors decided to make a copy of the key. (Side note: Why are locksmiths so expensive???) Sunday: $15 or so on a couple of grocery items. Monday: Got an email at lunchtime saying that my husband's 95-year-old great-aunt was in the hospital with pneumonia, and things weren't looking good. So we drove out there ($4 on tolls) to sit with her for a few hours. Then we got dinner with my brother-in-law and his wife (free, because of gift cards), got home around 9:30 and promptly went to bed. As far as I know, his aunt is still hanging in there this morning; she may end up being fine, depending how badly the infection is set in. Total: $224.

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On Hey, Wait, I've Got a New Complaint

I jokingly complained via twitter to Papyrus that a card I bought didn't come with their signature gold hummingbird sticker, and they sent me a giant package of greeting cards for free. It was amazing.

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On Monday Check-in

@Allison YAY HEAT!

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On Monday Check-in

It was a lower-spend weekend than expected, just $34 on a few grocery items (of course, we still need to do a major shopping trip). Also, thanks to @garli for advising me not to get my washing machine repaired over the weekend - you were right! It would have been $225 for the plumber just to come and knock on my door, whether or not they were able to fix anything. Definitely better to put it off till sometime this week.

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On Friday Estimate

@Allison Ohhh god furnace things. I kid you not, my furnace has literally died three times in the last three weeks. You have my sympathies.

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