On Monday Check-in

Friday: Stayed in, ordered pizza, $16. Saturday: Had a girl's day with my mom - we got manicures (she paid for the manicure but I tipped my nail stylist, $2), lunch (she paid, I chipped in $2 for the parking meter), and went to see Cinderella, which was fluffy and delightful ($21, I paid for both tickets). Sunday: The sore throat I had Saturday blossomed into a full-blown cold on Sunday, which is not great news considering I'm supposed to be rehearsing all week for a Good Friday concert. My husband went to the store to get cold medicine and groceries and I drank lots of hot water with honey and lemon and willed myself to feel better. Estimated total: $100 or less Actual total: $41 + whatever cold meds and groceries cost

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: No real plans to speak of. Maybe we'll order pizza ($20?). Tomorrow: Spending the day with my mom in advance of my birthday next week. We'll get manicures ($25?), go to lunch ($25?), and then go see Cinderella ($12?). She might pay for one of those, but she already got me a birthday gift, so we'll see. Sunday: Probably $0 unless we buy groceries on the way home from church, in which case who knows. Total: $100ish or less.

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On Do A Non-1-Direction-Related Thing

@EmilyAnomaly :(

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On Do A Non-1-Direction-Related Thing

Ugh I think mine is going to have to be buying a wrist icepack for the carpal tunnel I'm pretending I don't have.

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On Monday Check-in

@ronswansonluva @Mercy I hadn't considered Vitamin D! Thanks. :)

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Somehow I managed to avoid any stress-caused impulse purchases! $0. Saturday: Got our taxes done ($125). Our accountant's office is right next to the best Italian bakery in the city, and we stopped in for coffee and cannoli ($11). There's also a little Italian deli on the same block that sells homemade pasta, so we picked up a couple things of manicotti to freeze for a future night when we don't have time to cook from scratch ($23, more expensive than I'd expected). My lack of stress-caused impulse purchases did not extend to Saturday, as I caved in and bought $20 of Zoya minis. Sunday: We are attempting to combat my husband's recent bout of "Why am I so tired all the time?" by eating lots of iron-rich foods. Unfortunately, when you buy like six different cuts of beef at the store, you end up spending way more on groceries than anticipated ($86). Estimated total: $30 to $300 Actual total: $265

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On Friday Estimate

It was 65 degrees on Monday, I don't understand why it's snowing right now. :( Tonight: No plans, $0. Unless we order a dehumidifier, in which case $175+. Tomorrow: Getting our taxes done; I forget how much that costs. Probably also getting lunch or an early dinner while we're out ($30?). Sunday: Also no plans, probably will buy a few groceries, $25? Estimate: Somewhere between $30 and $300.

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On Monday Check-in

@peacheater Ohhh god, university library fines (especially for lost books) are the WORST. I've seen grad students rack up lost books fines in the thousands.

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On Monday Check-in

This was basically a weekend where I had underestimated the cost of everything. Friday: Instead of the $30 in library fines I thought I had, I had $68, because I am a terrible person. So I hung my head in shame and paid those off. Saturday: Went to the ballet! It was excellent, even though our seats were not terrific. But dinner was delightful, and more expensive than anticipated ($78 for my share with tip, plus $2 for the coat check). Also, my mother-in-law's birthday is next week, so we ordered flowers ($45 including tax and shipping). Sunday: $26 on groceries, none of which were actually on my shopping list. Estimated total: $175. Actual total: $219. Oops.

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On The Next Billfold Book Club Selection Is Terry Pratchett's 'Men At Arms'

*marks April 23 on calendar*

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