On Friday Estimate

After last weekend's delightful spendstravaganza, I'm hoping to keep this weekend as low as possible. No plans tonight; tomorrow we have late afternoon choir rehearsal in preparation for Sunday's concert, and we'll probably get drinks and an early dinner afterward. After the concert on Sunday, my main concern is getting home in time for the Mad Men finale. Total: Including the inevitable unplanned expenses, I'm hoping to keep it under $100.

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On Because Doing 1 Thing Feels GREAT (Afterwards)

My one thing should probably be to call my therapist, because I haven't actually been since my last appointment in, uh, maybe October. Or September. It's been awhile, I should probably do this.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Anniversary dinner was $181; anniversary hotel room was wonderful and enormous and $355; tips for various room service/cleaning staff were $9. Saturday: Graduation picnic for my husband's cousin was $0 in itself, we gave her a gift of $75 ($50 didn't seem enough and $100 seemed like too much). Cheap suburban gas was not actually that cheap, $44. Sunday: Mother's Day! The ballet was amazing, then we got champagne at the Ritz-Carlton, $29, and then more champagne and dinner ($130? I don't actually remember and I definitely wrote down the wrong amount on my credit card slip because that would have me tipped $0.36 and I wasn't that drunk). Estimated total: $680-$785 Actual total: $823. Whatever, it was an awesome weekend, even if it means that I am utterly exhausted today.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks @CMD+click @Stina Thank you! :)

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On Friday Estimate

It's gonna be a pricy but excellent weekend. Tonight: It's our fifth wedding anniversary! We're celebrating with fancy dinner out ($200? Probably less, but my husband likes to tip generously), followed by a night at a fancy hotel with a "romance package" - champagne, chocolates, breakfast in bed ($350). Saturday: We're going to a surprise graduation party for one of my husband's cousins. We'll probably give her a gift ($50). Not sure if the car needs gas or not; if yes, another $50. Sunday: Mother's Day! We already sent his mom flowers, and I'm taking mine to the ballet and then dinner (prix fixe 10 tapas tasting!). I'm paying at least for my share of dinner and all the drinks ($80?), and if I pay for hers then probably $125. Total: $680-$785. I don't care, this is all going to be awesome.

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On Stephen Colbert Funds Every South Carolina DonorsChoose Project

Donors Choose is my absolutely favorite charity, and I love that he did this. <3

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On Monday Check-in

On Friday, my husband bought two bottles of fancy rum at the distillery anniversary party ($85), plus food ($20). Then he met up with me and a couple of friends to go see Avengers ($5 for his bridge toll; $9 for my popcorn and bottle of water). The film was fun but had its issues; I'll still probably buy it once it's out on DVD. Afterward we all went out for drinks and food ($70? I forget). Saturday was our eight-year dating anniversary, which is maybe a silly thing to keep celebrating since our five-year wedding anniversary is next week, but we spent the first year of dating celebrating "monthiversaries," so at this point it's tradition. We mostly hung out and played board games, plus we got a double order of Insomnia Cookies after dinner, because why not ($18). On Sunday we went for groceries after church, and I seem to perpetually underestimate the cost of food, because I estimated $75 and they were...a lot more ($145). Estimate total: $400 Actual total: $352

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On Friday Estimate

@Allison We are all still waiting for Black Widow movie.

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On Friday Estimate

@Allison Avengerrrs I am so excited.

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On Friday Estimate

Friday: A friend of ours owns a distillery and is celebrating his first year in business; my husband is attending the party and will purchase approximately three bottles of fancy special-edition rum ($180, oh my god), and probably some food ($20?). Then he will drive back across the bridge ($5) to join me and friends for AGE OF ULTRON! (Parking: $10?) Tickets already purchased (if popcorn/soda then $20); we will follow the movie with drinks and food of some sort ($75?). Saturday: No plans, though I do need to drag myself out of the house to the post office so I can mail my brother's birthday present ($8?). Sunday: No plans except church, after which we will probably stop for groceries ($75?). Total: $373, but let's round up to $400 just in case.

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