On Friday Estimate

Tonight: No plans, but I also forgot to put anything out for dinner, so we'll spend money either on takeout or after work at the store. Tomorrow: We're helping my best friend move. :( Just to the suburbs (but, like, 45 minutes away driving, and even longer on the train), but it still makes me sad. I'm kind of regretting agreeing to help because clearly if I avoid the situation entirely it will mean she's not moving, right? Right?? Probably $0 unless we get gas. Sunday: We'll probably spend most of it sleeping off the inevitable muscle aches caused by moving. $0 unless takeout. Total: Anywhere from $10 to $75, depending on how things go.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Job interview went well? Maybe? I can never tell. Anyway, didn't buy anything, $0. Saturday: Movies with a friend were postponed because of snow, $0. Got furniture delivered, $20 in tips to the delivery guys. Sunday: Stopped at the store to pick up microwave popcorn for Oscar-viewing and of course walked out with $38 of groceries. Estimated total: $100 Actual total: $58!

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On Friday Estimate

Today: Job interview aaaaaahhhh. $0 unless I take a cab home, which I might, because I only just got feeling back in my toes from this morning's commute. Tomorrow: Having a new TV stand delivered ($20-30 depending on how many delivery guys there are), and possibly going to the movies/drinking with a friend if it isn't too cold ($50?). Sunday: Watching the Oscars! $0 unless I buy popcorn, in which case $5. Total: $85, but I'll round that up to $100 since I always forget something.

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On One Shall Be the Thing Thou Shalt Do, and the Number of the Thing Shall Be One

Prep for my job interview tomorrow aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

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On Take The Billfold 10-Question Housing Survey

My husband and I own, and I like our house, and I like our neighborhood, but I would move without a second thought if offered the chance to live in a high-rise condo downtown. (Unfortunately, we'd need to win the lottery to be able to afford one, so.)

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Got my eyebrows done ($8 with tip), then picked up steaks and other assorted groceries ($79, because I couldn't decide what gelato to buy so I bought three). Saturday: Ate a delicious steak dinner, played board games, spent $0. Sunday: Bought an end table ($171) and a TV console ($810 including tax and shipping). Estimated total: $1750 if I bought furniture Actual total: $1068. I'm simultaneously happy to be under budget and distressed at how much I spent.

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On Friday Estimate

@kentuckienne Your Valentine's Day plans sound delightful! I wish I could spend the afternoon playing skee-ball. :)

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On Friday Estimate

And now that I think of it, we might try and take advantage of the Presidents Day sales and buy a tv stand/media console, in which case this estimate should probably have another 0 at the end (and possibly a 1 in front).

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On Friday Estimate

Feel better, Mike! Tonight: Braving the frigid temperatures to buy steaks and a few other things for tomorrow's Valentine's Day dinner ($50?). Tomorrow: Staying in, eating fancy steak and drinking fancy wine, playing board games, possibly watching a movie. $8 if we rent an on-demand movie, $0 if we can find a free one to watch. Sunday: I don't really plan to leave the house all weekend, to be honest, so this will be a $0 day unless I buy something online. Total: Let's say $75 to be safe.

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On ONE! Thing We Do on Thursdays, Every Little Step We Take

After work I need to drop my suit off at the dry cleaner's in preparation for my interview(!!!) next week.

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