On Friday Estimate

My plans are mostly to submit some job applications and return a bunch of overdue library books. Other than whatever my library fees are, I'm hoping to stay under $50.

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On Monday Check-in

@ATF That sounds amazing.

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On Monday Check-in

@ATF Ooh, what kind of pie?

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $50 and had already gone over that by Friday night, because we ended up ordering pizza ($21), plus I did some online shopping to take advantage of a Columbus Day sale ($33). Saturday I realized that our new bedroom set and mattress, which is a different size than our current one, is being delivered next week, so I should probably buy sheets/a mattress pad/pillows ($168). Also I bought window alarms ($45), because apparently someone tried to break into our house last week, which is great. (Note: window alarms are a compromise solution while we decide on whether to get a gun [my husband's preference; I am 100% against this] or a security system [my preference]). My husband also bought groceries ($48), beer ($60, because Ommegang), and enough wine to last for awhile (not sure, let's say $75). One of the wines he bought is truly terrible, so Sunday I bought more groceries for the purpose of making dishes that use wine in them so we don't have to drink it ($56), but more importantly we needed snacks to eat while we watched the Eagles trounce the Giants. Estimated total: $50 Actual Total: $506 (ugh) and the endless satisfaction of watching Eli Manning get sacked.

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On Friday Estimate

@samburger Yeah seriously, it took me a year to own up to the fact that I'd gone up a size, and wearing pants that actually fit was a complete revelation. All of a sudden I didn't feel like a sausage all the time!

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: No plans except for laundry. Maybe I'll paint my nails! Tomorrow: Visiting my best friend, still recovering from surgery. :( Will not buy flowers this time, but I might pick her up something else. Probably we'll order takeout for dinner ($20). Sunday: No real plans except for watching football (Eagles vs. Giants!!). If we don't order takeout Saturday, we probably will Sunday. Total Estimate: Let's say $50.

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On It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Don’t Do 1 Thing

I need to do laundry. I'm pretty sure this was also my 1 Thing last week, too.

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On Why Don't American Women Bike To Work?

I suspect that a lot of the reason American women don't bike/bike less has to do with (per the Guardian) a lack of "communities that everyone ... can navigate safely without a car." I don't bike myself, but the main reasons for that are 1) I never learned how, and 2) I can get a partially-subsidized transit pass through work.

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On Why I Had Kids

Basically, I had children because I wanted children ... I have always imagined myself raising children. This is really interesting to me, because I always imagined myself raising children - but I never gave a single thought to whether I wanted them or not. You get married, you have kids, end of story. "Wanting" wasn't even a factor in the equation. So when I actually started to consider the question of if I wanted to have kids, I realized I didn't know. Which was a weird thing to realize, considering my life-long assumption of my inevitable childbearing.

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On Monday Check-in

@samburger That sounds like a thoroughly awesome weekend.

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