On Do 1 Thing Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do

So our heater died yesterday for the fourth time in a year; the guy came out today and said it was actually a problem with the thermostat, which I personally think is utter BS. But the heat is back on, and he checked out the heater to make sure there weren't any other issues, which there weren't. But four times in a year, you guys. The parts warranty ends next week and honestly I have no confidence that the heater won't die again next month. So my 1 thing is to try not to cry and also to think of ways to cut back on spending so we can actually afford to buy a new furnace when that time inevitably comes.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Did nothing, spent $0! Which is good, because... Saturday: ...then I spent $161 on Christmas presents. Sunday: Finally reserved a hotel room for when we'll be visiting family over New Year's ($263; can't tell if it's been charged to my card or not yet, but I'll assume it has). Another $165 on presents, plus whatever else my husband spent on presents for his side of the family. On the plus side, I am almost done. Almost. Maybe. Estimated total: Under $200. Actual total: *sobs*

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On Alumni Giving Season

My alma mater hasn't called me in awhile (knock on wood)! In theory I don't have a problem giving to them; I loved it there, and it's where I met my husband, so I probably ought to donate out of gratitude or something. But there's no way that I'm giving them any money until 1) my loans are paid off, and 2) I no longer work for them.

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On Friday Estimate

I assume I will be spending money this weekend, but hell if I know how much. Considering last weekend's blowout, I'm going to try to keep it as low as possible (by which I basically mean, under $200).

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On What Are You Wearing and What Did It Cost

@lisaf I live off of Gap's 40% off coupons.

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On What Are You Wearing and What Did It Cost

Like I could tell you what brand or where I bought everything I'm wearing, but cost? I don't know; two-thirds of my sweaters were Christmas gifts anyway.

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On Monday Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks Yeah I mean it'll be good to have brakes that work, but that was $650 that I would've liked to hold onto for a little longer.

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On Monday Check-in

I'm not going to do a detailed breakdown, because that would be depressing, but between car repairs, groceries/wine, Christmas shopping, and more, I'm pretty sure we spent close to $1000 this weekend. :(

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On Chatting About A New Era

Meaghan!! Congrats on the new gig; glad you won't be completely abandoning us. <3

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On The Glitch in the Game

I don't have words. But thank you.

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