On It Will Be Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen

Whateves, the Gilded Age is the best. The absolute best. This is going to be amazing.

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On Elections Do Have Their Consequences

@Brunhilde And some yuppies, if you live in Ashland!

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On My Parents Said Money Didn't Matter, But It Did

@Lorelei@twitter Heyo, another Grinnell alum here! I was just about to write my own comment about Grinnell still offering need-blind admissions before I read yours! I wonder how many of us frequent The Billfold and other Awl sites.

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On A Brief History of Getting Stuff from One Place to Another

Trains and bicycles, where are you?!

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On Two Sisters Take a Roadtrip

@Brunhilde Still there! Last time I went, I had the most amazing brownie ice cream sundae. I'll have to add that french dip creation to my list.

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On Two Sisters Take a Roadtrip

Ashland! I just moved here! So curious about which hippie-ish cafe I should avoid.

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