On Got an Extra $500? Buy Jibo, the Family Robot

I'm pretty immune to a lot of new technology, but I've been talking to myself out loud at home, and it might be fun to have this guy talking back to me. As long as it's not too cutesy. And as long as nobody can use it to spy on me....

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

I am a rare person who could afford both but chooses not to have a cell phone. My landline comes with my cable bundle and cost of cable would be MORE if I eliminated the phone, which is idiotic but I don't make the rules. The landline gets much better reception than a cell phone. "Reception" is not even a concept with landlines. I must say it's pretty weird that poorer people have cell phones instead of landlines. Cell phone plans are much more expensive. Maybe someone should tell poor people that.

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

@Sarah Rain@facebook Yes!!! Much much better. And two people can talk over each other, interrupting in a normal way.

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On The Morality of Paying to Skip the Line (at Theme Parks)

I don't think Disney Fast Pass is actually free because you have to have either a season ticket or be booked at a Disney hotel to get one, if I'm understanding correctly. But I think this new model of different ways to avoid waiting that involved paying more, they stink! I went to Disney a long time ago with my two little girls, and we waiting in long lines but Disney was committed to keeping them moving. One thing I appreciated was the line-minders who would continually urge people to "move up! Give hope to the others!" We were all the same in our experience. America! Now, not so much....

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On It's a Good Time to Go to Law School? Really?

I work as a paralegal and make a very good living. I make overtime, unlike the attorneys! I actually have a law degree. I went to law school at age 50, taking night school for 4 years while continuing to work as a paralegal. Law school was wonderful, I loved it, but when I transitioned to working as a first year associate, it sucked so hard! What a nightmare. I was happy to go back to being a paralegal. I wouldn't recommend lawyering to my worst enemy. I now have 14 years experience as a paralegal and make a 6-figure income with great benefits. I heartily recommend paralegal school instead of law school. Paralegals are always in demand. The working conditions are relatively pleasant. You work with intelligent people in nice surroundings and you have no contact with the public.

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On The Truth About Digital Best Sellers

Here's a little-known fact about physical books-- Did you know that bookstores can return books to publishers at any time for a full refund? What this means to the writer is, say 5000 copies of your book get placed in bookstores-- no money has changed hands yet unless a few copies happen to get sold. After a month goes by, the publisher send its bills to the bookstores. The bookstores are like, Ooh, instead of paying up, lets put together a shipment of return! So they gather up and send back a bunch of your books instead of paying what they owe. This requires the publisher to revise its bill downward instead of getting payment. This game goes on all the time. It's why there are no or darn few small/independent publishers left. It's a rough business. Very hard for anyone to make money. Even Amazon, I think!

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On Tips For Hustling

Short-term free-lance gigs are rarely worth what you get paid because it takes you time to find one that suits you, then you need to get the tools/materials together, then you need to actually do this new, possibly unfamiliar task so there's a learning curve for you, then you may get screwed, i.e. not paid at all or paid less than agreed upon. My son is working free-lance on film crews. Recently he was bummed that he was offered only $150/day on a 3-wk shoot. That's good money even though the days are long, because he'll be getting that pay every day for 3 weeks, he'll be fed, he won't have time to spend much, and at the end of each week he'll be handed a check for $750 less taxes. Now if he was only offered one long hard day at $150, bummer. Because after he does it, he has to find the next gig, and meanwhile he has down time and on-going costs. Yeah, free-lance is hard, for sure.

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On Who's Going to Watch the World Cup at Work?

After decades of resistance, suddenly all Americans are in love with the World Cup. Well, well.

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On Cats vs. Dogs: The Dollars and Sense Edition

PS- The vet charged her $800 just to keep the cat over night. I hope he had a private room and cable TV at that price!

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On Cats vs. Dogs: The Dollars and Sense Edition

A friend of mine at work, an attorney who presumably makes a good living, brought her cat to a vet after it fell or jumped from a 5th or 15th floor window. The vet was all set to admit the cat and charge her $5000 to treat it. She felt very sheepish saying no and taking it home to care for it herself. She made it comfortable in the bathtub where it couldn't get into too much trouble, and it gradually regained strength and most movement. I fully supported her decision. It's crazy enough what they charge humans for medical care. To see the same escalation for animal care? No, just no!

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