On The Suburbs Want More Young People

Really, suburbs that want more young people are afraid of what happens if everyone there gets old and dies. It's in the suburbs own self-interest to attract new blood, if possible. Cities on the other hand are just superior places to live! Better for the planet and better for the people. They are more exciting, offer more opportunity and culture, and are more energy-efficient. Suburbs can't match that and maybe it's time for them to die out.

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On The Suburbs Want More Young People

@MissMushkila OK sure. I sometimes forget that not everybody lives in my area. My bad! But the article that started this conversation was about Long Island, so that's what I was talking about. Few rentals, few apartments.

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On The Suburbs Want More Young People

I have another theory-- Even if suburbs were a desireable place for young people to live, most young people today probably cannot afford or qualify for a mortgage on a house, plus property taxes which are like a whole nother mortgage on top of your mortgage, plus upkeep and maintenance on your home. Add to that the cost of commuting to a decent job, owning/leasing two cars, get the picture? It's very costly.

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On Hustles

My daughter had a good one, back when eBay was still "America's garage sale." She'd buy counterfeit handbags from NY street vendors and sell them on eBay as gifts she didn't need and she'd say she couldn't guaranty the authenticity. She would also buy designer jeans with tags on eBay and then "return" them to stores without a receipt. She'd at least get store credit, if not a "refund."

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On Every Job I've Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World's Largest Design Firm

@garli No one knows! It's a mystery. I turned mine off after getting sick of getting requests from people I have no desire to be linked with.

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On Paying for Dinner

Ooh! Classy. I had a problem on my birthday when I wanted to take my mostly-grown kids out to dinner. I fully intended to pay, but when the check came my SIL insisted on paying. I didn't want to argue but I felt weird because I had invited them. Next year I'll go find the waiter.

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On The 35-hour Work Week

When I was a kid in school, I was told more than once, in no uncertain terms, that by the time we entered the work force we'd have a 4 day week. I'm still bitter that it didn't happen. A 4-day work week is just about ideal.

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On Privilege Check On Aisle Nine

Some of the questions are kind of stupid and show a prejudice in favor of things like owning a car in high school. How about if you grew up in an upper east side NY townhouse and took the subway to your elite private school? Is that not privileged enough. Truly one of the few kids at my school who drove daily was Jeffrey Katzenberg who had a car because he worked for Mayor Lindsay after school. Sometimes he gave me a lift cuz he had a crush on me. I thought he was too big a nerd to take seriously (wah, wah!). And more privilege I'm not even going to go into but no, I didn't have a car in high school, unlike every suburban and country hooligan.

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On The Case of the Missing Package

I usually have things shipped to my office because I worry about some of the riff-raff in my building. But yeah, I have to lug it home. Sometimes I make a nice handle on the box out of clear packing tape. Once I ordered a new kitchen sink and accidentally (by default) had it shipped to my office. Luckily, I worked late and got to take it home in a black car paid for by my work. Also luckily, I had a small handcart in my office. Whew!

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On The Medical Billing Snafu

@yellowshoes It's hard to call the insurer and get that information while sitting in the exam room in your paper gown. Easier to tell the doctor that you only authorize using a lab that's in-network.

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