On The Costs of Moving to Kazakhstan

I would have skipped the perfume. Perfume is an annoying hold-over from the days when people didn't wash much and smelled bad. Let's everyone agree to ditch perfume, OK? There tends to a cacophony of smells these days that is unpleasant to many people.

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On Let's Go Shopping for Health Care Plans! Pt 1

Wow. The plans mentioned are crazy-expensive. I had no idea it would cost those prices since I get my ins. through work. I picked the strange new option this year of High Deductible Plan with Health Savings Account." My premiums are a little lower than the normal plan, and I get to put aside pre-tax money in an account which, if I don't use it, will become part of my 401K monies eventually (kinda soon). I'm planning not to use mine, just save it, but that said, My son told my in the second week of January that he'd been thinking FOR A MONTH that he had a hernia. So a problem that could have been taken care of on my old plan for almost nothing ended up costing me $3400!!!! Since I met my high deductible so early in the year, I've decided to do some elective foot surgery. At least I'll get that done. It's been a learning experience!

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On How Much is Too Much for a Root Canal?

The best thing about dental ins. is that dentists who are "in-network" agree to accept the negotiated reimbursements from the insurer, which are usually way lower than "retail" prices. My dentist is not in-network but he accepts the ins. company's reimbursement amount anyway(usually half of retail price tag) and doesn't balance bill me. Balance billing is when a dentist makes you pay all the amount the ins. co. doesn't cover. As I write this I realize I don't completely understand the difference to me, having a dentist who is outside my network... The premiums for me and my son are $38/mo, and the insurance covers $1500 worth of reimbursements per year. There's a better plan which allows $2500 worth of dentistry per year.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes and Destinations: What You Get For $750,000

Great feature!!!! Real estate porn that regular people can actually afford. Now you've got me dreaming....

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On Which Extinct Job Would You Be Best At?

I'll play! I could be an old-timey graphic designer who makes mechanicals by hand, using exacto knives, T-squares, rapidographs, overlays, rubber cement, etc.

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On Got an Extra $500? Buy Jibo, the Family Robot

I'm pretty immune to a lot of new technology, but I've been talking to myself out loud at home, and it might be fun to have this guy talking back to me. As long as it's not too cutesy. And as long as nobody can use it to spy on me....

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

I am a rare person who could afford both but chooses not to have a cell phone. My landline comes with my cable bundle and cost of cable would be MORE if I eliminated the phone, which is idiotic but I don't make the rules. The landline gets much better reception than a cell phone. "Reception" is not even a concept with landlines. I must say it's pretty weird that poorer people have cell phones instead of landlines. Cell phone plans are much more expensive. Maybe someone should tell poor people that.

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

@Sarah Rain@facebook Yes!!! Much much better. And two people can talk over each other, interrupting in a normal way.

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On The Morality of Paying to Skip the Line (at Theme Parks)

I don't think Disney Fast Pass is actually free because you have to have either a season ticket or be booked at a Disney hotel to get one, if I'm understanding correctly. But I think this new model of different ways to avoid waiting that involved paying more, they stink! I went to Disney a long time ago with my two little girls, and we waiting in long lines but Disney was committed to keeping them moving. One thing I appreciated was the line-minders who would continually urge people to "move up! Give hope to the others!" We were all the same in our experience. America! Now, not so much....

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On It's a Good Time to Go to Law School? Really?

I work as a paralegal and make a very good living. I make overtime, unlike the attorneys! I actually have a law degree. I went to law school at age 50, taking night school for 4 years while continuing to work as a paralegal. Law school was wonderful, I loved it, but when I transitioned to working as a first year associate, it sucked so hard! What a nightmare. I was happy to go back to being a paralegal. I wouldn't recommend lawyering to my worst enemy. I now have 14 years experience as a paralegal and make a 6-figure income with great benefits. I heartily recommend paralegal school instead of law school. Paralegals are always in demand. The working conditions are relatively pleasant. You work with intelligent people in nice surroundings and you have no contact with the public.

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