On Detroit Would Rather You Not Take Pictures of Its Ruins

"As well as understanding how race plays out in structural context, white folks need to understand 'whiteness' as a concept." -- As a white person who's lived in majority African American or Latino communities for much of my adult life, I can't emphasize enough how important Philp's above statement is. In addition to Josh's excellent reading suggestions, check out "When Affirmative Action Was White" by Ira Katznelson and "The History of White People" by Nell Irvin Painter.

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On Soulmates: Ruining the Economy As Per Usual

Income inequality is the fault of women, who keep going to college and wanting more from marriage? This clown needs to read Stephanie Coontz' "The Way We Never Were," stop using 25yo movies as a hook, and ask some hard questions of the "job creators" behind the multiple part-time gigs millions of college-educated men and women cobble together to make ends meet.

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On Here's the Thing About Museums

@angry little raincloud I understand the city/state is not the primary source of funding for any cultural institution (we are not the UK). But the roughly $10-12 million a year the Met, for example, receives from the city -- along with 1/4 mile of prime real estate the city allows to be used tax free -- means we all support the institution in some small way every time we log an hour at work. All I suggested is that no one deny themselves the pleasure of a visit because they can't afford the full suggested donation, particularly at a place with a $2.3 billion endowment.

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On Here's the Thing About Museums

I've worked at both AMNH and the Met (still with the Met actually, though they're my client not my employer). Don’t feel guilty for not paying full freight. You’ve already made a contribution — the Met and AMNH have suggested donations because they are funded, in part, by our city tax dollars.

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On Things Not to Do As a Boss: Basic Rules Inspired by Marc Smirnoff

@sockhopbop I'm busy excerpting their bad blog and turning it into bad poetry. But honorable, naïve friend! Sweep out, decrease the influence of some of the corrupting forces. Justice has been fondled and served Using head-games and acrobatic semantics, the most devious and tricky of false charges. A bigger, more nefarious mess---and not a can of worms but a barrel of serpent-- Continues to hog the narrative.

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