On The Cost of Owning a Pit Bull in the City, Pt. 1

@jquick Yup. I've been bitten twice, once was by a poodle and once by a Labrador. We owned several "dangerous" breeds, including chows and Rottweilers, and they never gave us any trouble. Some breeds are bred to be more prone to aggressive/protective behaviors, high energy, or more prey-motivated than other breeds. But it has WAY more to do with how they're raised and trained than what kind of dog they are. That being said, yeah, bringing a pit bull to a house with chickens is kind of dumb.

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On The Cost of Spring Break with School-Age Children, Illustrated and Annotated

God, I love reading stories like this, just like I love reading stories about We Had Kids and Don't Have Sex Anymore, or being out and about and seeing a kid have a tantrum. It makes my life feel like sinking into a warm delicious pool of not-having-kids-ness.

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On The Torture of Giving Critical Feedback at Work

While I personally think that (some kinds of) critical feedback are immensely helpful, I have a huge problem with feedback about a person's motivations or feelings (as in, the difference between "you give of a negative vibe" and "you tend to frown when people approach you.") One is about a specific action, the other is the feedback giver assuming they know what's going on that person's head. However the response "I think it's ok" to your supervisor critiquing your work performance is...not okay.

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On Our Feelings Aside, Sex Work Is a Labor Issue

@Meaghano Oh, I totally plan to read the book - I dunno, the cover just screams "low budget printer with basic knowledge of Photoshop," I guess.

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On Our Feelings Aside, Sex Work Is a Labor Issue

I just haaaaaaaaaaaaaate that book cover, though. 'Sex work' is such a huge category; it's not all skinny lady legs with Barbie shoes.

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On Are Cosmetic Subscription Services Worth It?

I travel a lot for work and I find Birchbox really useful because I can pack sample sizes and throw them out at the end of my trip. I wish it was more customizable - stop sending me bronzers and perfume forever, thank you - but otherwise it's a nice treat. That being said I'm considering canceling my subscription and switching to Ipsy just for a change. I have gotten samples in Birchbox that ended up working out really well and bought the full-size products, although ironically I tend to buy more from Sephora because samples!

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On The Nightmare of Being a Virtual Assistant

I totally do that with the accents too, but without even realizing I'm doing it. I can't NOT do it and I'm so worried that someone will someday call me on it.

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On Am I An Adult Woman If I Can't Handle Sephora?

@scn231 Dr. Jart's!! <3 I mix mine with Kat von D's LockIt, because I have super pale but yellowy skin. I love that it has SPF 45.

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On Talking to Tracy Moore About the Financials Behind Her Happy Unexpected Pregnancy

Glad this worked out for Moore (although as erocha points out above, Moore's circumstances were pretty good for having a child, planned or not), but seriously, people - men AND women - if a doctor tells you you can't have children, get a second and then a third opinion. I know several women who were told they weren't able to get pregnant for various reasons and then did. And doctors, please pull your heads out of your ass and stop telling people that unless you are 100% certain that person can't conceive and doesn't need to use birth control or condoms. Like maybe don't say that unless they don't have a uterus, or something.

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person

@JenH Ugh, DC. I feel like I'm caught in this horrible Catch-22 where I stay in DC because the jobs are here and am broke because I pay so much to live in DC and don't move away because the jobs are here and wash, rinse, repeat. I'm starting to loathe this area and fantasize about moving away.

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