On Whoops, the $522 Haircut

Such a rookie mistake! Always get that price up front. I would have dropped dead at that price. For me, I only get a crappy cut for $20 at the local Hair Cuttery. Huzzah! (I'm also very fortunate in that my hair brightens naturally in summer, with a little sun. i have had many stylists argue that "you must have had your hair colored." Nope! All natural, just Virginia sun and swimming in the New River.)

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On The High Cost of Renting in Los Angeles (and Nationwide)

I spend about 44$% of my monthly paycheck on my rent (I live in Charlottesville, VA). It's a really lovely place, though, and I choose to live alone. I never thought it was excessive, but maybe it is? My first place was in Martinsville, a very economically depressed area, and paid $350 for a two-bedroom, bottom floor apartment. Then I got a better job and moved to a better area, paying $700 for a lovely one-bedroom on a second floor. Now, though, I definitely live in the best place of all three, very luxurious. I know I could go cheaper but I chose not to--I live in a university town and there are a lot of extremely crappy apartments for $800, but I wasn't willing to live in crappy circumstances to save money. Dammit, I deserve a washer/dryer! Of course, I have basically no social life, so I'm able to put away about $600 every month too. So there's that.

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On Millennials Apparently Good With Money

"What makes the Millennial generation so thoughtful about money?" Because I saw both my parents majorly fuck up with money. My dad blew everything he had during the tech bubble, and my mom got remarried and then divorced, losing practically everything. When I recently received an unexpected bonus at work, I asked them both for their advice. Dad said, "Buy gold." Mom said, "Buy a new car." Dumbasses. I put every cent in my IRA.

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On Going to the Bathroom at Work

For my office's white elephant party at Christmas, I put together a bathroom care package: the book "How to Poo At Work", a bottle of hand sanitzer with the label "Maybe You Touched Your Genitals", and a small tin that contained a spare pair of underwear. It was pretty popular, I must say.

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On Mayor de Blasio vs. Horse-Drawn Carriage Drivers (And Liam Neeson)

"...unless we are talking about the fact that horses shit out of their asses and onto the street and that is so not cool." Ok I will admit to being a total equine idiot, I know nothing about horses in the slightest, but this is the 21st century. We have smart phones and drill for oil on the ocean floor and build prosthetic limbs. Can we not create some sort of bag/harness thing to collect horse shit before it hits the pavement?

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On Lost Luggage

It's not my story, but my aunt's: When she was in high school in the mid-70s, she took a school trip to Spain for two weeks, and the airline lost all her luggage. She was broke but was able to borrow random pieces of clothes from her classmates, although she claims she drew the line at underwear. "And I still had a lot of fun even without panties." Nice to know, Aunt Susan. She never did get her luggage back.

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On Americans Pouring Ranch All Over Everything

My sister lives on Ranch. I personally can't stand it--I don't like creamy dressings. But for a while there everything she ate had Ranch involved in some manner. I will say adding Ranch dressing instead of milk while making mashed potatoes makes them super delicious. But that's the only way I like Ranch.

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On Mainly I Want to Talk About Having 13 Kids

@dotcommie Every few weeks or so I thank my parents for paying for my college tuition--and I graduated college 6 years ago. I cannot thank them enough for how much that helped me get a step up in life. I graduated in 2008 right in the middle of the bust, so incredibly fortunate to have no debt. I look at my friends who graduated with some debt, couldn't find jobs, so they went to grad school, and now have even more debt and still can't find a good job. I am so extremely lucky that I wasn't saddled with $50k of debt when I started out my adult life. It is so very important for folks to help their kids with school. (Not that I didn't pitch in. I took AP courses and paid for summer classes at community college, so I graduated a year early. I also worked part time and earned a scholarship for free room and board. And I made a prudent school choice, choosing a cheap in-state one that offered me the most money. [But I still got that silly English degree!] Kids should definitely chip in, but to cover it all on their own can cripple their financial life in their 20s, 30s, and even beyond.)

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On Mainly I Want to Talk About Having 13 Kids

How do they go to community college for free? Does Dad work there? Community college is much cheaper than a 4-year school, but the ones I know of still cost some money. State tuition sounds like what I paid for going to a crappy college, so I buy that. I assume they make the kids get jobs very early if they have to fund their own school and they buy their own cars and luxuries (unless the kids have debt? Did the kids take out loans?). What about the house size? With 13 kids, I'm going to assume the kids double or triple up--so that would mean a four or five bedroom house, or maybe they turned a finished den into a barrack? Assuming they live in a relatively cheap place. They can't possibly be somewhere in California or DC, right? (I'm at work and don't have time to read the article; these are just my first impressions at the post.)

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On Teen Moves Back in With Parents

@andnowlights I agree with you. And I think this would have to go even beyond school, wouldn't it? t mean, with the Internet and media these days, wouldn't you think this kid is ruined for life? Like, what kind of employer would ever hire her, knowing that she would sue her own parents because they tried to enforce a curfew? This whole story was really suspicious. I think a lot more was going on than we were privy to.

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