On The Way We View Debt

@jquick Yes! Note that the signs you're buying the biggest, most expensive house you can are usually saying things like "well, I HAVE to be in XYZ school district" or "it's just that I've always imagined living in XYZ type of place."

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On 'Black Babies Cost Less to Adopt'

@questingbeast Those fees are for private adoptions (usually of babies). Adopting through the foster care system (usually with older babies or kids) is much much cheaper but adds complications, etc.

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On Vampire Town

There is a database like that, actually, according to a recent NYT article, but "the police say the database is largely ineffective because many stolen phones end up overseas, out of the carrier’s reach, and because thieves are able to modify the IMEI number."

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On Why Renting an Apartment in NYC Sucks

"We’re going to be updating our database in real time with our sales. Landlords who list with us can get access to this information, meaning they can get a better price." I've never lived in New York, but I thought the prices landlords could get were usually limited more by rent control than by lack of information.

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On Should Your Wedding Gift Cover Your Meal?

@KPeeps Because as readyornot so nicely puts it below, "weddings are a social ritual to make a commitment and have it observed by your community," which fortunately doesn't require professional photographs to occur?

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On Middle Class in Israel

@RachelG8489 Maybe one difference is a lot of the Americans are driving out of state rather than flying. If you have a family of four or five, that's going to be much cheaper. (My middle-class family, for example, never flew anywhere for my entire childhood.)

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On Come Hang Out With Us Today After Work

Happy birthday!!

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On People Will Buy Homes in Cities With Jobs

I guess you can call this a recovery, but it's not really a recovery for prospective first-time home-buyers. They're are getting priced out by the "private equity firms [that] have raised as much as $8 billion to buy as many as 80,000 homes" and will basically be left renting the same houses back from these firms. Right now, in Phoenix 45 PERCENT of houses are being purchased with cash (no mortgage), vs. 10% in 2007. Apparently this is happening mostly due to banks holding on to foreclosures (because to actually foreclose would mess up their balance sheets, so available inventory is limited and rents stay high) and the Fed keeping interest rates low (meaning there aren't too many better places for those firms to invest). Capitalism marches on!

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On Sorry About This Year's Bonus

"'Conservative husbands will also pressure their wives into questioning whether their job is really worth sacrificing family time for when the bonus is low.' To avoid this situation, she also advises that female bankers signal to their spouses that their bonuses might be disappointing before the bonus is revealed. That way the difficult questions will have been addressed in advance." Right, maybe he'll make you quit your job *before* you get your bonus!!

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On Don't Get a PhD, Says Person With PhD

@questingbeast Financial stress, job-market stress, trying to make consistent progress on a project with very few intermediate deadlines for years... and then there's this: "If you decide in your first year [of graduate school] that it is not for you – indeed, suppose you conclude that you’re better than all of this, a broader, richer thinker who can’t be constrained by the ivory tower–you will still have to deal with the nagging fear that somehow, some way, you just weren’t good enough, that you couldn’t cut the mustard. That fear will almost certainly be wrong. Perseverance can get most students through graduate school. You should feel good about how well you know yourself if you decide to quit. But academia is a total culture. It changes your standards for what is good and what is bad, what is smart and what is dumb." Read the whole piece, it's great.

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