On Here Is Your Open Thread

Just wanted to say that I've been loving a lot of the recurring posts lately! Employment histories, Babysitter Club Does Money, the book club, and the Good Enough Homes series are so, so good. Inspired by the Good Enough Homes for Under... series, I've been daydreaming about buying a beautiful fixer-upper stone cottage somewhere in the countryside of Spain and wrote about it over here (shameless link) . This is actually VERY DOABLE for under $100k - attainable fantasies are the best/worst! Keep it up, Billfold! Really good quality content lately.

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On The Up Series, or The Latest Thing I Am Obsessed With That is Available on Netflix

I am super-obsessed with these too, and glad I saw 56 Up first, then sort of browsed the other Ups on occasion in the background. There's also one from South Africa that is available on Netflix, and according to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Up_Series) there are Ups for a couple other countries as well!

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On We Bought An Ice Cream Store

This is so exciting! I remember reading the first part of your story and rooting for you and since then, wow, you're actually doing it! That's crazy and great! Wishing you many happy returns.

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On Leaving Atlanta and Landing in New York

@AlliNYC This is weird but I actually applied to Atrium based on a comment that I think you wrote on the Hairpin a looong time ago. Which I somehow filed away in my brain under "ideas for potential move to NYC". That sounds weird and stalkery I'm sure but I think I just remember weird details, and anyway thank you! I'm enjoying my exploratory venture into multiple industries and still figuring it out in regards to what I'm looking for. If it runs along the theme of 'exciting things happening internationally or very interesting project with potential for high levels of responsibility' and the position is somewhere along the lines of 'coordinator or manager; product, project, or otherwise' in an operational, logistical, or non-technical (aka not IT) sense, I'm all over it.

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On Leaving Atlanta and Landing in New York

@seaermine Thanks for your awesome and super thoughtful comment! I am working with several temp agencies (Atrium, Professionals for Nonprofits, and Glocap are the ones I've gotten jobs from) but I haven't tried a few of the ones you've mentioned. I will definitely check them out and pass the info along to Adam. I don't have a FB but I'll keep an eye on The Billfold/the 'Pin for any upcoming meetups so I can say hi :) Thanks again for the good wishes and tips, you are great.

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On Leaving Atlanta and Landing in New York

By the way, just got news I have a long-term temp job lined up to start tomorrow. This will at least buy us some financial stability while I'm in the process of looking for The Job. hustling in the city tag = accurate

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On How We Should Think About MFA Programs

"These ideas may be sort of true, but more importantly, they’re stupid." YES. This applies to think-pieces across the internet. Especially logged in to say I loved this (also the Shark Tank piece) and I pretty much want to be friends. Congrats on your fellowship.

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On Come Hang Out With Us Today After Work

I wish I could come!! Maybe one day I will meet you guys... Happy 1 year, The Billfold! & many more.

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part VIII)

@j-i-a That's awesome information, thank you!!

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part VIII)

@j-i-a (can you actually get paid for writing in an MFA program or were you just kidding...?)

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