On On the Daily Show's Jessica Williams, the Latest High-Profile Victim of Impostor Syndrome

Uh. If you were intrigued by her saying she was under-qualified, why didn't you just get in touch with her and ask her about it?

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On My Not Smug At All Bread Secret


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On How My Job Search Has Been Going

@Mike Dang Yes, please!

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On Buying a House, the Play by Play

@Doree Shafrir@facebook I had a similar experience -- all of the agents with whom I dealt were primarily concerned with getting me to buy a house as fast as possible so they could get a commission, even though in theory they were representing me. I'm sure that most realtors are good and conscientious, but I only met one during my house-hunting and buying experience -- and then she moved away!

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On I Spent My $66,000 Inheritance on Basically Nothing

I had an ex who was epically bad with money. He and his ex-wife sold their house at a $500,000 profit at the height of the housing bubble, and the money was gone within three years (save for the down payment they put on their subsequent house). A year after that disappeared, he inherited about $100,000, and that sum was gone within one year. And most of it was spent on restaurant meals, clothing, standing rounds of drinks for friends and acquaintances, kooky ebay purchases, and plane tickets. He died seven months after the inheritance ran out, and his total assets at the time were so small -- really just personal effects like books, household items and clothing -- that his family didn't even have to open a succession.

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On Girls and the Hot Mess

@girlsownlove I too had a dirtbag, man-about-town friend who never quite had his shit together, who passed away. And the city where he lived allowed him to never get his shit together, and allowed him to surround himself with the very dysfunctional or the very young, who couldn't see how out-of-hand his behavior was, and it ultimately played a role in killing him. But it's a false dichotomy to think that knowing how to be in and explore a city, and having your shit together, are mutually exclusive. There is room in anyone's life to both "really be in this place" and have your shit together. Anyone who tells you differently is just romanticizing being a mess, or making excuses for why they are one.

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On Drinking While Broke, Funded By Other Broke Drunks

Although I suppose you may have embellished somewhat, what you've described places you squarely in the "disease-model" alcoholic category.

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