On Friday Estimate: How Much Are You Spending This Weekend?

This weekend is a break for me. I had a wedding last weekend and one for each of the next three. Love! But also Expensive! At any rate I'm planning to lay low this weekend and continue my Whit Stillman movie marathon (Barcelona!) Which is free. Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with friends and enjoying crazy cheap sushi lunch specials for under $10. I also need to go grocery shopping for basics. Let's say no more than $50. I'll throw in $15 for emergency spending, aka drinks. That brings my weekend total to an optimistic $75. All of this should be covered by the massive jar of change I'm finally taking to the bank.

Posted on September 7, 2012 at 10:04 am 0

On Growing Up with Rich Kids Made Me Feel Rich, Too

I feel guilty but I also totally identify with this. My childhood was very similar. I attended private schools but my family had a lower middle class income. I'm always grateful for the experience but it definitely made life frustrating at times. I appreciate that my parents thought to provide a quality education, but it always felt like i was being socialized in a way that i could never really live up to. I feel this even more acutely now having graduated from a private liberal arts college into a historically abysmal job market. I fully acknowledge that this is a prototypical "first world problem" but it definitely stings to have upper class tastes and a lower class income.

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