On All My Grownup Jobs And How I Actually Got Them

I would LOVE to read more hiring histories like this.

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On Doing Development Work in Dhaka

This is REALLY FANTASTIC. 10/10. Really, really quality, beautiful, a spot-on critique of economic development in action yes yes yes <3

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On Falling Into Debt After a $200,000 Book Advance

Just weighing in to say I liked reading this chat and I like Ester's voice a lot! Go The Billfold!

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On When Your Brain Chemistry Screws Up All Your Relationships (Even at Work)

“Am I actually incapable of getting out of bed and doing my work sometimes, or am I only giving into the feeling of incapability?” This is really interesting to me. I acknowledge that I have been/am constantly low-grade depressed and when it gets bad I have trouble getting out of bed and doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Instead I may get online for hours, or if it's really bad I'll just lay in bed, despairing. But for some reason the thought that I *can't* do what I'm supposed to do, that I am physically incapable of getting up and shaking it off has never crossed my mind! Instead I feel like I have to get up and get going and shake it off, clear the cobwebs, but when I find my brain unwilling to catch up to my intention I always blame it on myself and I hate it. I've never felt that it's the chemicals' fault. I feel like I should be able to control the chemicals. I guess maybe I feel this way because I've never been to therapy? I'm not sure. The idea of drugs scares me. I want to cure myself and get stronger. And I think I am getting stronger? Little by little - I feel like I'm empowering myself to achieve things. I refuse to indulge my weaknesses. So everyone is different and in the midst of different circumstances and I'm not saying be like me or anything. I understand that. I guess my advice would be: Don't give up on yourself. Forge onward, bravely! Be tough! & etc. you can do it~

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On How to Stop Going into Credit Card Debt for the Sake of "Points"

I agree with lots of people above - I use my CC to funnel normal debit card spending through, do not touch the funds in my bank, then pay everything off in a lump sum at the end of the month. I usually spend ~$1,000-$1,200 per month and have never paid interest. This spending method is something I only started a year ago but already I've racked up enough points to get a plane ticket on the house. Recently I signed up for a better credit card that had a sign-on bonus and I'll cancel the old one. If you manage your spending correctly, this is a good thing! You get the occasional perk, they get the chance that one day you'll slip up and start paying interest.

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On Open Thread

@sergeant tibbs It's cheese, curry chicken, basil, and sweet chili sauce pizza. So good!!!

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On Open Thread

@oiseau here are the direct links http://i.imgur.com/yLZfSlMs.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Ueq8zwEs.jpg http://i.imgur.com/sHYR5Uzs.jpg

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On Open Thread

@sergeant tibbs I think it got tagged as spam? If you click on my username you can see it :/ boo.

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On Open Thread

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On Open Thread

@oiseau argh, it's all out of order but I'm sure you can figure it out.

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