On My No-Purchase November Adventure

I totally agree that Millenials seem to talk less about retirement, but I don't think it's as much a denial of mortality as it is an intense nihilism. I'm convinced that any money I save will be lost through risky but not-quite-illegal speculation by my bank and that Tea Partiers will literally overthrow the government if it makes any move to pay me back. Plus, tackling student loan debt AND THEN saving enough to live out our golden years feels pretty impossible.

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On Bad Things Are Happening to People Who Aren't Us, So Why Are We So Distracted

I think Logan's comment on the disingenuous-ness of volunteering for recovery is valid and something we should be considering, i.e. why do we consider the hurricane as an impetus for volunteering while the huge issues of homelessness and urban poverty that affect people everyday aren't disastrous enough? That said, it's better to have a bunch of self-congratulating juiceboxes getting the work done than no one at all.

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On The Uninsured Die at Home

That article was heartbreaking, but so are the comments from people in similar situations. But this gave me chills: "honey if ya'll fear death panels, they are already here, telling people that their routine surgeries and treatments are not covered because they're 'experimental' and denying people life saving cancer treatments because it's 'not covered'."

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On How I Stopped Hating My Apartment (And Maybe Also Myself)

Logan, you're just great.

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On What We Want to Buy

I think it's sort of funny that we're constantly being told that we're the most entitled generation ever on the face of the earth and then rebuffed for living within our means in an economy that is pretty awful. Are we ruining the world by racking up debt or are we ruining it by not racking up debt? I keep getting it mixed up...

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On Places I've Lived: Minneapolis I'm Yours

@Annie Walsh@twitter It's not there anymore, actually. It used to be called Three Monkeys, but it was turned into a biker bar called Ryan's Pub (?) and has a way less impressive happy hour.

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On Be Nice to Your Barista ... or Else

As a barista at an on-campus coffee shop, I used to put decaf in people's drinks instead of regular or skim instead of 2%, but only if they were especially annoying. (Closing at an on-campus coffee shop introduces you to some particularly annoying college students who treat a coffee shop like a dorm room.) I knew a kid who used to make people's sugar-free drinks with regular syrup but that was probably a terrible idea because: DIABETES. Doing anything more intense than those things was problematic, usually because the people whose orders you most wanted to mess up were usually the people who were most particular about their drinks and would either taste it immediately or scrutinize you the whole time you create the drinkl People who would ask to see the milk thermometer or dictate how I should pour the milk or who would grab their capp and say, "This certainly isn't dry, is it?" and then scoff when I offer to remake it. Baristas are bitter, I think, because every part of their serving experience is open to the public. Coffee shop customers will peer around the bar to watch every move that you make and correct you as you bariste. So instead of being able to restart the drink in peace after you messed up, instead you have an undercaffienated person passive-agressively saying, "Ummm...I wanted three pumps of chocolate, not two..." OH MY GOD I KNOW JUST GIVE ME A SECOND.

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