On Interview With a Woman Who Wants to Pay for Her Boyfriend But He Won't Let Her

@Alanna Maeve@facebook It may be the responsibility of the family employing her to withhold taxes and / or provide a W-2 / 1099, but it is her legal responsibility to report her earnings on her tax return whether the family does that or not. It is not the family's responsibility to pay her taxes for her, just possibly to withhold taxes from her pay, just like a normal employer.

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On Interview With a Woman Who Wants to Pay for Her Boyfriend But He Won't Let Her

@RachelW Thank you! Regardless of whether they are paying you cash or by check, you legally owe taxes on your income and should be paying taxes accordingly. @ellabella It may be the responsibility of the family employing her to withhold taxes and / or provide a W-2 / 1099, but it is her legal responsibility to report her earnings on her tax return whether the family does that or not. Claire - when you don't claim your income or pay your taxes, those of us who are law-abiding citizens and DO claim our income and pay our taxes end up having to make up for that in higher taxes or lower benefits for those who need them.

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On What's Your Husband's Name?

My mom was a divorced mother in the early 1970's and I remember her losing out on a job for which she was more qualified because the other candidate was a man "with a family" for whom he had to provide. Ummmm...my mom needed to provide for her family as well! Given how far we've come, however, I was amazed this weekend when playing a game that required someone to draw or act out what was on a card. The girl who was required to draw it was about 23, so I kind of understand why she didn't know who it was (there were people who were not playing to help in that situation), but, when her team did not guess the answer, my team stole with my answer of "Gloria Steinem." What amazed me was that a woman in her late 50's asked me who that was! I'm 46 and had to explain to her who Gloria Steinem was.

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On I Declared Bankruptcy, And I'm Neither Proud Nor Ashamed

@Tuna Surprise It's just "sorta shitty" that people promise to pay something and then they don't? And somehow it is equally shitty that credit card companies believe the promise that those people made to pay something off? I'm not saying that the credit card companies are blameless - they are certainly enticing people to utilize their cards and maintain a balance, as that is how they make their money. They make absolutely no money from me, as I use my cards every day and pay off the balance every month. If you don't want to be liable for debt, save money and wait to purchase things when you have to money to do so. It really pisses me off that everyone has to have the latest and greatest right now. So many people I know go out and purchase things like big screen TV's, the latest phones, etc., then expect me to bail them out when there is something that "has" to be paid, like paying their ticket to help them get their drivers' license back, because I have more money than they do. The reason I have more money is because I don't buy things that I don't need unless I can afford to do so.

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On Becoming a U.S. Citizen Is an Expensive Nightmare

And yet the horrible witch that married my father (he's now 68, she's 36), stole money from him while he was hospitalized and tried to kill him by withholding his medications just got citizenship with apparently no problem.

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On 14 Million Americans on Disability

This interested me because I have recently had to go on Long Term Disability due to treatment for Stage IV colon cancer. I'm relatively young (45), well-educated, have a good job, and my disability benefits are paid by an insurance company. I've paid for the last 14 years to ensure that I have long term disability benefits that would be higher than the default of 50% of my salary. However, even with that, my benefits are 66 2/3% of my salary, AND my insurance is no longer covered by my company, so I have to pay for COBRA out of my reduced salary. I'm by no means in the poor house because of it, but the package I received says that I have to also apply for social security disability, which I've thus far ignored. In addition, COBRA will only be available to me for 18 months, so my insurance coverage will be terminated at that time, if I'm not back to work before then (which I hope to be, but I'm currently on my 24th round of chemo, and am not yet a candidate for surgery, due to the metastases). I thought that I was paying for insurance so that I wouldn't have to go on social security disability and I had no idea that going on long term disability would put me on COBRA, and perhaps, eventually, on Medicare.

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On WWYD: Shopping Across the Border

I don't personally have any problem with cross-border shopping, but I have to bring up the fact that, when it comes to employee benefits, everyone wants to point out the fact that Canada is superior to the US in that regard. However, no one wants to own up to the fact that such benefits as a year's worth of maternity leave actually costs money, which must be made up in the prices charged to consumers for goods and services.

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On How to Complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (And Get A Check)

It sounds as if the bank charged a legitimate overdraft fee, since it had to pay for something for which the author did not have enough money to cover, so I'm not sure why it should have been reversed in the first place. The author mentions, "New legislation had passed that seemed to prohibit overdraft fees," but I've never heard of any legislation that would prohibit overdraft fees, and there is no link to that.

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On Unemployed, Discouraged, But Not Hopeless

@stuffisthings, @aetataureate, @josefinastrummer - Thank you so much for the clarification.

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