On How a Person Living a Nomadic Lifestyle Does Money

"I was wearing pants to work with a huge rip in the crotch at one point because I didn’t want to spend the money on a new pair of pants, and nobody noticed." That seems ... unlikely.

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On Today's Rent-Saving Solution: Move Into An Old-Age Home

@Ester Bloom I'm glad you clarified, because I was totally picturing the four grandparents sharing one bed in Willy Wonka.

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On Your Friendship Is Above My Pay Grade

@scn231 Assuming your friend is reasonable, he's not requiring you to make a fuss—he's inviting you to celebrate a thing he is happy about, which you are free to politely decline. As long as you stay away from the phrase "waste of time and money," he will probably realize that traveling from out of town does not fit into everyone's schedule and budget constraints/priorities.

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On The Joy of Holiday Travel

@bgprincipessa Are you able to defer your jury service? Some places will let you postpone your service to another date (that you pick) within the next six months or so.

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On Chatting About A New Era

Meaghan, congrats on the new gig! I'll miss reading your lovely, funny work around here but look forward to checking it out on The Cut. Wishing you good luck and a functioning freezer in Portland.

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On Screwing Myself With The Credit Card I Swore I'd Pay Off Every Month

@MemphisBlues What does this post have to do with parenting? The part where Meaghan mentions her baby once? Even if it did have to do with parenting, a diverse range of Billfold posts on that subject has demonstrated (1) that raising children is inextricably connected to money and (2) that writing about parenting need not be relegated to mommy blogs.

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On Account Joined

@Meaghano Um, what exactly did these witnesses have to witness?!

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On Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

I am pro-home A/C, as a person who lives in a place with yucky summers and prefers to be able to sleep in the summer. Office A/C, though--don't get me started. I am so glad that article brings up the fact that office buildings are horrible and wasteful: "“We are probably overcooling our office buildings by 4 to 6 [degrees] F just so that office workers, particularly the males, can wear their business suits,” wrote Richard de Dear, who is head of architectural design science at the University of Sydney and a researcher on thermal comfort." Sadly my rage about this doesn't keep me warm, so I'm wearing a sweater and still freezing to death at work even though it was like 90 out today.

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On "Offices For Introverts" Designed By Someone Who Doesn't Understand Introverts

My workplace is 100 percent fishbowl offices! As an introvert, I generally don't mind it, especially since it's an immense improvement over the low-walled cube I used to sit in at our old location. It does drive me kind of crazy that no one respects a closed door when they can see you sitting right there, so being able to adjust the opacity would be pretty nice.

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On I've Fallen Into the 'Lifestyle Inflation' Trap

@NoName That site is blowing my mind.

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