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@Meaghano Um, what exactly did these witnesses have to witness?!

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On Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

I am pro-home A/C, as a person who lives in a place with yucky summers and prefers to be able to sleep in the summer. Office A/C, though--don't get me started. I am so glad that article brings up the fact that office buildings are horrible and wasteful: "“We are probably overcooling our office buildings by 4 to 6 [degrees] F just so that office workers, particularly the males, can wear their business suits,” wrote Richard de Dear, who is head of architectural design science at the University of Sydney and a researcher on thermal comfort." Sadly my rage about this doesn't keep me warm, so I'm wearing a sweater and still freezing to death at work even though it was like 90 out today.

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On "Offices For Introverts" Designed By Someone Who Doesn't Understand Introverts

My workplace is 100 percent fishbowl offices! As an introvert, I generally don't mind it, especially since it's an immense improvement over the low-walled cube I used to sit in at our old location. It does drive me kind of crazy that no one respects a closed door when they can see you sitting right there, so being able to adjust the opacity would be pretty nice.

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On I've Fallen Into the 'Lifestyle Inflation' Trap

@NoName That site is blowing my mind.

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On Borders, Bluestockings, And Box Offices I Have Known

I have definitely taken and failed that Borders personality test.

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On Snacking Habits of the Post-Millennial

I hope Snacks Quarterly weighs in on this subject soon

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On Find-My-Phone Vigilante Justice Sweeps Nation

@jquick Yes, that sounds like a good use of resources. A lot of places do handle non-emergency police calls through 911.

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On How Much Is a Diet Coke Worth?

@Adouble Disagree, the Billfold turned into a daddy blog after a couple of Josh Michtom's pieces ran.

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On Happy Birthday From Our Corporation!

Happy birthday, Saver! (...Mike?)

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

@andnowlights Very short conversation my soon-to-be-husband and I had on the subject of me hyphenating my name: Him: "I think it'd be easier that way!" Me: "Easier for whom?!?!"

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