On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

@andnowlights Very short conversation my soon-to-be-husband and I had on the subject of me hyphenating my name: Him: "I think it'd be easier that way!" Me: "Easier for whom?!?!"

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On Why Is Everyone Getting Acquihired Without Me

@jquick The article says she made half of what her engineer colleagues did, and in the comments she confirms she took only half her salary to help the company. So, no, the difference in pay was not based on their different jobs.

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On Why Is Everyone Getting Acquihired Without Me

I don't think the sexism here lies with Google's hiring decision but rather with her company's lack of respect for her work and their willingness to throw her under the bus. Amy says in the article's comments that she took a half-salary to stretch their operations budget, unlike her male engineer coworkers, all three of whom required their full salaries.

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On What One Food Item Would You Eat for the Rest of Your Life?

I love that he claims to have become a pizzatarian for "moral reasons."

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On Let Me Tell You About My Vacation (My Dental Vacation)

@Derbel McDillet Me too! I totally want to hear about how one makes a semi-nomadic lifestyle financially feasible. (Though hopefully with less smirking at old people next time.)

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On The Up Series, or The Latest Thing I Am Obsessed With That is Available on Netflix

The endless recapping is pretty tedious, but I could watch the clip of Tony (Tonyyyyyyyyy) tripping and falling in the schoolyard about a thousand times. If you are on Team Bruce, 42 Up (if I remember right) is SUCH a treat.

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On Open Offices: Pros and Cons (Mostly Cons)

My organization moved to a new building last year, and each configuration has had its pros and cons. The old space had offices of varying sizes for most and low-walled cubes for the lowly. Of my 24-person division, only me and two others were in cubes. I think the fact that so many people had doors they could close meant that they treated hallways as social spaces and kind of forgot that a few of us had to work there. Even as an introvert, I did like the conviviality of that space and really did have a good sense about what others were working on and how my own work fit in. However, it was difficult to focus on something for a long period of time without an inevitable interruption and completely impossible to conduct conference calls or phone interviews. Then we moved to a new building, which, by design, gave everyone an office. All the same size, all with glass fronts and sliding doors. The quiet is wonderful when I'm plugging away at a project and being able to signal that I'm busy by closing the door is helpful. But I'm not sure if my productivity has improved. I feel sometimes like the isolation causes me to distract myself more easily, whereas in a space with more interruptions, the presence of other people caused me to keep track of time better. Weirdly no one hangs out in the hallways now.

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On My Year in Parenting Expenses

I am interested to know how you make two adults and two kids work in a one-bedroom apartment!

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On Should You Buy a Holiday Gift for Your Boss?

I am so, so glad that holiday gift-giving in my department tends to be confined to a $10-15 opt-in white elephant gift swap. Also, I get the appeal of giving in baked goods or other treats (thoughtful, low-pressure, tasty), but, as a young woman often erroneously assumed to be an admin assistant, I unfortunately think it would hurt me more than anything.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Parking, The Best Avocado Sando, and Who Knows What from Starbucks

I clicked through the Trails website to find out more about this avocado sandwich so I could replicate it, but no menu. Details please! What made it so delicious (besides nature)? Signed, An Avocado Sandwich Enthusiast

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