On WWYD: The Envelope Full of Cash

When my friends and I were in college, we found about $500 on the floor at a bar. We were pretty sure this guy who was walking around flashing hundreds and saying "drug dealer things" dropped it, so we kept it. Looking back on that, 1) I definitely wouldn't take money from someone I thought was a drug dealer. I mean, I've seen the wire/breaking bad now) 2) I wish I could remember what we thought constituted "drug dealer things." Oh well, we had a really fun weekend with that money.

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On Uber Using Ice Cream as a Gateway Drug

I'm a big fan of uber, but mainly because I never have cash on me. I guess the smart thing to do would be to pay the the $2 ATM fee instead of paying double for the ride home, but getting a black fancy-looking towncar is just so much cooler. also this: http://dccabssuck.com/

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On Money Spent This Weekend

I went on a 4-day vacation for about 175 bucks. Pats self on back.

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On Are You Pro-Brunch?

@CRINDY Local 16! You have to like them on facebook to get the deal (lame), but our server was amazing. He just kept bringing bottles of champagne to the table. We made a reservation, but we definitely didn't need to -- there were plenty of tables still open at 12.

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On Are You Pro-Brunch?

Brunch in DC is amazing. Last week I found a place with $18 bottomless brunch -- one entree and bottomless champagne, mimosas, bloody marys and beer. No time limit. I just always assume that anyone who hates brunch (and lives here) is doing it wrong.

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On Thirteen Ways to Lose a Debit Card

I'd like to think that the half a dozen+ debit cards I've lost around DC are hanging with your lost debit cards and they're having a really fabulous party.

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On Cheap Vacation Not Cheap, But $2,723.77

You get a slow clap for getting through two "50 shades of grey" books. I tried to read the amazon preview and it sort of made me want to die, but also sort of made me want to read all of them immediately. Is it worth it (ie: trashy/interesting enough) to overlook the crappyish/redundant writing?

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