On How to Get Health Care While Uninsured

My wife is a physician, and one of the biggest issue facing physicians is the physician's personal cost of providing care to others. Everyone who has a job gets a paycheck. Why is it difficult to understand physicians also need to get paid? They spend years studying , years paying off student loans and need to provide patients with access to the office 24/7 with answering service fax, e-mail, pager system , patient portal and staff(who need to get paid with full benefits). Overheads go up, insurance reimbursements go down but somehow everyone feels doctors should serve without expecting to get paid. most physicians always oblige and worked with payment plans with patients. Most are very reasonable. I think every patient can get care. It is to approach medicine as a service industry not a charity or non-profit because that is not what it is. It is like any other business and has it's own overhead costs. Labs can give you a discount if cash is paid. You can ask for package pricing. Hospitals run charity events. Michigan association of physicians of Indian origin run charity clinics and do blood work. Pharmacies can give you discounts.there are several resources. When patients without insurance are admitted to the ICU for instance my wife have alongside several sub specialists seen the patient everyday of the hospital stay , day, night, weekends and holidays and never gotten paid for the service. When on call and she can get patients, who have no primary care and sometimes no insurance, she can easily go without getting paid for the whole stay of the patients. Almost 30 % of our admissions go unpaid. How many service industries can say they serve a community and do not collect from 30% of clients? So the system sucks when you try to play their game, but on a human to human level and if like with any industry you are willing to pay for a service health care is like any other industry. be reasonable and negotiate and understand the least you can pay is the cost of time and staff used in providing the care needed.

Posted on August 2, 2012 at 9:51 pm 0