On One Ring To Rule Them All ... And Bind Them

I agree with you -- I think his worries are coming from the perspective that his friends and family wouldn't have given him money unless they thought he had no savings at all, when they'd probably say, no, they figured he had some savings, but they wanted to protect him from having to use all of that money so he'd come out of this crisis still having a little bit of a cushion. (Of course, that means I also kind of agree with Carolyn Hax that maybe he should prioritize keeping some of that money as a financial cushion over buying the ring of his dreams...)

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On Billfold Housing Survey Results: Are You a Millennial?

@ronswansonluva Maybe separate the "concerns" question from the "traits" question, then. But yes, I do think there are some positive/neutral traits associated with Millennials -- you do hear a fair amount about us being "digital natives" and quick to adopt and learn new technologies, and the more serious articles about "How to work with your Millennial employees" generally include some positives (optimistic, engaged/passionate, open-minded, etc.). I think they get less attention partly because "Kids These Days Not That Bad, Actually" doesn't make much of a headline and partly because, when they are mentioned, they don't stir up as much fuss (fewer rebuttals along the lines of "HEY, the nerve of you jerks, assuming I'm optimistic and open-minded just because of my age!"), but they are out there. Anyway, part of what I'd be interested in is the idea that a lot of the negative "Millennial" traits are really just traits of people who are new to the adult/working world; on the "traits" question, it's the responses of people from other generations that would be most interesting to me. On the "concerns" or "experiences" question, I'd be more interested in the responses of people who age-wise are identified as Millennials; I've seen some interesting debates about how the cultural idea of the "Millennial experience" is really more like "the affluent white Millennial experience," and I'd be interested to see how many of us actually do consider issues like unpaid internships and student loans to be among the bigger concerns in our lives.

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On Billfold Housing Survey Results: Are You a Millennial?

I'd also really be interested in the question "Whether you were born after 1980 or not, do you identify with 'Millennial' concerns and traits as presented in the media?" (With response options like "Yes, they sound like me"; "Sort of, they sound like me when I was younger"; "No, not at all"; "I don't read articles about Millennials so I have no idea"; etc.)

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On Keeping the Junk

(Can you embed pictures here? LET'S FIND OUT.)

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

@Erica I've heard this suggested with the idea that it actually makes it easier to impose consequences -- the theory is, if your allowance is tied to your chores the way a salary is tied to a job, it seems like you should be able to decide "You know, this week I'd rather have an extra couple hours of free time than an extra five bucks, so I'm not going to do the dishes or clean the bathroom." What are your parents going to do, fire you from doing the dishes? Great! No more dishes!

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On Keeping the Junk

@NoName Ooh. Yes. This is a big thing for me with clothes -- it used to be size-wise, keeping stuff that didn't fit out of some "But WHAT IF someday I gain/lose weight and am that size again, I'd have to buy new pants, oh the horror" neurosis, and I've mostly gotten past that, but these days I'm prone to buying cute dresses that some fantasy version of me, who is cooler and more fashionable, would wear, and then they just hang there in my closet while Actual Me puts on jeans and a t-shirt with a math joke on it.

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On 8 Ways I Might Spend a Modest Windfall, In Order of Fiscal Prudence

@cryptolect Yes! Like, renter's insurance can probably be got for under $25/month, which still leaves you most of your monthly windfall to spend on debt payments and/or sousaphones. And the emergency fund is a fixed target that you can probably hit within a few months to a year; then you can start directing that portion of the money back toward something fun, too.

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On Beyond Entry-Level

I've just turned 29 and have been in my first entry-level, career-type job for about a year. I took a slightly longer time through college than expected, then went back to school a year later for an M.Ed./teaching license, then spent two years looking for teaching jobs and not finding any; I finally took a job in higher ed administration, where my education degree is relevant if not directly applicable, and it turns out I'm really happy here. I expect to stay in this job at least another year, maybe more, so I won't be moving out of "entry-level" until I'm at least 30.

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On Tumblr and YouTube Ask Artists to Help Them Make Money

I think Tumblr has been piloting that program for a little while, or else some brands have been approaching Tumblr-popular artists on their own and Tumblr noticed and thought "Hey, we could make that a service!", because I've definitely seen ads that sound like what they're describing. The first ones I remember seeing were for the movie Ouija, actually -- maybe this post, or this one? The ads I've seen have appeared on the brand's blog, with highly visible credit and a link to the artist, and have only shown up on my dash as sponsored posts. And they have been WAY more appealing ads than the usual sponsored posts, honestly -- like, if you go through that Ouija: The Movie corporate tumblog, you see a whole bunch of kind of standard screenshot-from-the-movie-with-spoooooooky-caption posts, and then these, and the artist-partnership ones really do stand out as a) more visually interesting and b) targeted to a more specific audience.

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On When An Adjunct Gets An Unlucky Break

@andnowlights Yeah, since community colleges are essentially 100% teaching-focused, they're often more concerned about teaching skills and pedagogical knowledge -- the kind of stuff you get with an M.Ed. -- than about the research skills and deep-but-specialized field knowledge that you get with a Ph.D.

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