On March's Theme: Taxes

I'd love to hear about what people do with their refunds and how people decide what their withholding should be.

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On Life Hacks

@TheLifestyleCreep Most of the time I've been told "you should value experiences over things" it sounds preachy, at least from the people who mention it to me. I say do what makes ya happy. Some of the "things" I have make my life more comfortable, or even more social (I'm looking at you, Wii U). I have a nice car that makes me happy on my really long commute (I go where public transit won't). There are a lot of things that make me happy. I have a lot of experiences that have fond memories for me, and some that don't. I think it's a YMMV sort of thing.

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On The Cost of Things: Museums

@Thuja I am ashamed that I missed The Muny because I used to work there!

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On The Cost of Things: Museums

In St. Louis, we have a zoo and museum tax district. Our zoo is free to everyone, and the art museum is too. Special exhibits at the art museum are free on Fridays, which is nice. Spouse and I have a membership to the botanical gardens, which gets us in free except certain events. (I think it's $65 a year...totally worth it).

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On The Way We Tip

I do pretty much what Nicole does, including rewarding my hair stylist who works at a Great Clips-Like place with 100% tip. I might tip less if the service is ABYSMAL, as in rude or just really really crappy. I tip higher for people I really like or if we are doing something to create more work or for really great service.

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On Fixing the Hiring Process

@meatballsub That really does seem truly heinous. I'm also not sure how much group interviews would help. It sounds more like a reality show.

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On Fixing the Hiring Process

Staffup Weekend sounds like a little slice of hell to me. I am not social.

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On One Is the Loneliest Number, So Find a Cell Phone Family Plan

@jennknee I do T-Mob too! It really depends on where you live. In some smaller places, the coverage is not great, but it works well for me. I bought a Moto G for $179 off contract and I'm sure it will be a perfectly fine phone for some time. I just can't justify spending more than this, and my parents don't have a plan I can share with them.

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

@Christy I had the same thoughts about moving home with my parents...that hope I didn't have to but if I had to, it was an option better than being homeless or broke. And I did, and it was great, and really helped me to get to where i am today. And I also was able to know my parents really well as adults, and that was cool too. I don't see the shame in this line of thinking at all.

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On Brown Bagging It

@Aequorea Victoria @Aequorea Victoria I agree! I feel like this is treated like a moral failing, when it is really just how I choose to spend my money. I don't spend money on happy hours, bars, cable TV, a data plan, streaming video, concerts, etc., so this is one way to bring a little happiness to my day at Shitty Job. Also, I am not someone who could make a big batch of something on Sunday and eat the same thing all week. Maybe it depends on the thing.

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