On Unnecessary, Compulsive Frugality

I am more frugal with time than money. I can get more money. I will definitely pay people to do things for me. (It drives my dad insane that I will pay someone to always be there to, say, shovel my driveway). But, it would drive me nuts to spend a lot on a drink in a bar or restaurant or have a monthly plan for my cell phone. I am frugal with the thermostat and about dining out, but have no problem shelling out for someone to do my work so I can be a lazy bastard.

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On It Depends on What the Definition of "Unlimited" Is

@forget it i quit Sometimes when people tell me how much they are paying for a monthly plan, I am just amazed. I am considering one of the cheap PAYG plans from T-Mobile, right now I just PAYG for talk and text. Still, it seems like a lot of money for me. $30 a month doesn't seem that bad, but it's more than I'm paying now.

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On Kids Trick-or-Treating Across Class Lines Makes 1%er Feel Faint

My neighborhood is not upper class by any means, and we get a lot of kids from some less-affluent neighborhoods. These kids are totally the reason I give out candy at all. I know what neighborhoods they come from (from talking to the parents who come with them) and it's a lot safer in my neighborhood, and that's what I want for all kids, to have this one night where you can dress up and have fun while not being shot. And I'm not rich. What really bugged me about this letter is how she was so worried about how she's already spending too much of her tax money on services. well, obviously not because there are still hungry people living in alleys, lady.

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On How Going Cash-Only Helped Me Curb My Spending

@calamity I am the same way! I blow through cash like no one's business, but seeing the actual bill listing all the ways I spent my money is more of a rude awakening. It is more painful for sure, and it shows me how the small things add up. But I do look at statements and such pretty closely, and I pay it off every month.

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On A Good Manager Is Hard to Find

@Kate Yeah, we do that. She calms down after I show her the original emails. Would be nice to get an apology. I think she gets angry with herself for forgetting, and I do feel for her, but still.

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On A Good Manager Is Hard to Find

How about the manager whose memory is waning and gets angry with you for doing the thing she asked you to do yesterday? It's not fair for me to take over big chunks of manager's job because manager is so bad off she forgets how to get to work. I'm stuck with her, so I have to find ways to deal, but I don't want to keep taking things off her plate.

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On Meet Me in St. Louis -- or El Paso, Oklahoma City, or Little Rock

@Thuja Wow, you just captured how I feel about those stickers. I never had the words before. You aren't that far from me, really. My mother thinks I live in a ghetto because my neighborhood is mixed-race, and also a mix of ages and classes. I just like to be able to ride my bike to the zoo.

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On Meet Me in St. Louis -- or El Paso, Oklahoma City, or Little Rock

@@fo I live just over the city county border, in the county (old neighborhood, 100 year old house). But I work in Illinois. I can technically take mass transit to work, but there is only one bus from the train station to my work, and my work life is not that flexible, hours-wise. If there was one thing I would change, it's transit. Oh and the horrible race relations. @Thuja Yeah, the CITY stickers

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On How Much is Too Much for a Root Canal?

@limenotapple Also I'm paying an extra $300 to be knocked the hell out. see the part about being a total wuss.

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On How Much is Too Much for a Root Canal?

This is really relevant to my needs. I have to get 3 root canals and one extraction and one implant because I am a total wuss who has not gone to the dentist in 15 years and oh did I mention I am also a night grinder? My insurance caps out its payment per year at $1500. It totally blows. I can finance it through Care Credit for free for up to two years, which is nice, I guess, but I'd still rather go on a fancy vacation.

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