On Our Adult Wardrobe

I decided back in college that the hallmark of being an Adult with a Real Job was a suit from Benetton. I finally saved up and bought one, wore it once, and now it's been stashed in the back of my closet for 5 years or so. I don't think it was that crazy-expensive either, and I should just take it to consignment, but some part of me keeps thinking I'll need it. (I will not need it.)

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On Places I've Lived: <3 <3 Minneapolis <3 <3 and ... New York

I lived with MY Rylee starting my junior/her senior year of college, through abortive post-grad jobs and grad school programs, 4 years in total. Then we parted ways so she could move back to her hometown and get engaged, and I moved to NYC. I miss her every single day.

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On Porn at the Office

@cawcawphony Glass walls! And he still watched porn? Some people are too stupid for words. Or employment.

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On Leaving Atlanta and Landing in New York

@Amanda T Also try GreenKey, they are a wonderful temp agency and I landed my favorite temp job ever (that I managed to finagle into a permanent job) through them. What kind of work are you looking to do?

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On Weekend Estimate

I have an exceptionally full weekend planned... Gravity in IMAX tonight with friends ($20?) Snacks for said movie ($15) Going out to see my friend's band visiting Brooklyn from ATX ($20 for drinks? show is free) Brunch tomorrow ($20-25) Either horseback trail rides in the Bronx ($40/hr) or hanging out with said ATX friend in the city, depending on his schedule (free?) Out to Jersey City ($2.50 Path) to bake apple pie and smoke pot with a friend (I bought the weed earlier this week and the apples are from her apple-picking adventure that day, so $15 for other baking supplies?) Sunday TBD but I am tired just writing all that out so I will probably be playing Sims in bed and eating homemade soup, so, $0 on Sunday. Total: $130ish? Plus rent is due, so bye-bye to another $800, see you never.

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On Ben & Jerry's Flavors, In Order

You have all clearly forgotten about Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownie and I AM DISAPPOINTED.

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On Place I've Lived: Apartments in Baton Rouge and a Home in North Carolina

CHAPEL HILL I MISS YOU!!!!!!! (Glen Lennox I do not miss you.)

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On Friday Estimate

Going back to my college town for a drunk weekend! today - already bought airplane bottles of booze, for drinkin' on the cheap: $16. taking the subway to JFK to save dollas! tonight - cheap dinner with my best friend at either our favorite burrito or favorite sushi place: $8? then back to the hotel (pre-paid, thanks Travelocity!) to gussy up... then out for an intense night of boozing: $50? saturday - presumably will need hangover breakfast (Bojangles) on the way to a 10a-1p event that includes a reception with food after. then probably dinner with friends (sushi?) and more boozing: $50? crashing at a friend's place = free! sunday - brunch: $20? then more free events until dinner with a friend, for which I am paying because she is driving me to the airport on monday morning: $50? monday - taxi from airport straight to office (oof): $60?

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On Things to Do With $500 Billion

@Winfield I sort of agree with you, in that if I have $100 in my bank account I should not be thinking "ooh I have $100 to spend" and instead I should be thinking "ooh I have $100 to SAVE"... And I definitely agree with your point on education, although I just think we've been throwing our money a bit unwisely at the problem (there are ways to throw our money wisely, I think). But at the same time, keeping senior citizens out of poverty, or relieving college loans, or some other idea to lift people who have been dealt an unfair hand, is a hard thing to want to deny. I don't think that just because you've had it tough means you deserve government assistance, but as someone who HAS received unemployment money (graduating college in 2008 was TERRIBLE timing, thanks parents for your shitty birth-giving timing?) I would feel like a bit of a hypocrite if I didn't acknowledge the good that SOME of the government assistance programs do for SOME people.

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On Clip Vs. Twist

Mostly I just throw away the clip/twistie and twist the plastic bag a couple times, then fold the loose end under the package and shove back in the fridge. Does the exact same thing with less time spent untwisting or pinching my fingers on those clips (I prefer twisties, if I had to choose). When I want a bagel I WANT IT NOW.

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