On How to Get Health Care While Uninsured

For anybody who needs lab testing done but does not want to pay high prices go to www.directlabs.com. You can get almost anything done at a fraction of the price. I haven't had health insurance for years because I'm self-employed and couldn't justify spending $300-400 bucks a month for a high deductible plan when I'm pretty healthy, in alternative health care myself and have a network of professional friends who take care of each other. I broke my ankle at the beginning of the month and went to urgent care instead of the ER. The orthopedic practice I'm going to offers a 25% discount for paying at the time of service and has been very reasonable. I'm on a payment plan with the UCC center-they were very good about that. So far I have spent less than a deductible would have been and am getting good care.So I'm still not that keen on going out and getting insurance now, but wondering what will become available by 2014

Posted on July 28, 2012 at 1:54 pm 0