On You're a Terrible Adult Because Your Parents Loved You Too Much

There are some okay points in this, but any article that says "oh no, this generation of kids is more unethical than ever before!" makes me raise my eyebrows. Hell, handbasket, etc. over and over again.

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On Morning Coffee Orders From Around the World

I was just in London and every cafe has a Flat White on the menu. It's a funny name!

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Budapest Edition

@inspector_tiger Absolutely! Joa Szalon on Kiraly utca was my go-to. Two super sweet guys. They have a website: www.joa.hu, which when you run it through Translate, assuming you don't speak Hungarian, is pretty awesome.

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On Stephen King's Fam Is Just Like My Fam and Your Fam and Everyone's Fam

This is not *my* dad, but I had a friend in elementary school whose dad was, I understood, an adventurer! I thought this was amazing. He was actually a venture capitalist.

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On WWYD: The Replacement Check That Never Arrives

Oh, don't cash the 450 check! That will put you on the defensive when next you talk to her and potentially ruin the relationship. Better not to burn bridges. This kind of thing - having to jump through hoops in order to get the money you're owed - is very, very common in any kind of freelancing or contract career. Yes, everyone should pay up on time and properly, but they don't. So a certain amount of hassle for you is just the cost of doing business, I think.

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On Much Ado About Interns

I'd say, don't do it until the site is more financially stable (ha) and you can pay your contributors (more). Although, anybody as conflicted as Mike would probably be good for an intern because he'd make sure they were getting value for time. But I think at this point you sort of are your own interns...

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On Ending the Phone Subsidy Con

@TARDIStime My first thought, too, was that people usually upgrade after two years anyway. But not always, I guess.

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On Ending the Phone Subsidy Con

@navigateher I've found cell/mobile plans and phones to be *way* more expensive in the US. And it took people in the US forever to start texting, so for a long time you had to pay a lot for SMS.

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On Living on $15,000 a Year

What I find appalling is that her school never said to her, hey, do what you want but know that the career in xyz teaching field is very difficult. People should (often) do what they love, but with a reasonable outlook on the possibilities!

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On I Don't Want to Retire

@themegnapkin You don't even have to be cynical about it - your priorities can change as you get older. I think about retirement (that I may never be able to afford) as perchance a time to do all the fun things my kids prevent me from doing now. My mom will retire soon and wants to spend a lot of time grandmothering, for example.

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