On Keeping the Junk

I'm a recent konmari convert, not because I want my house to be perfectly tidy (I don't care about the aesthetic too much of having some mess, which is good because I'm naturally messy) but because I want it to serve me. I.e. I don't want to feel guilty about that craft project that's been gathering dust for four years, or have to rip my house apart looking for that letter about my bar fees because where I put "important papers" changes every few weeks, or be late for work on an important day because I had to paw through all my suits that don't really fit but that I'm keeping for when they do looking for something that's wearable. I was surprised at how emotional (and emotionally rewarding) going through her process has been. But, if you don't have a struggle with your house and possessions, you probably don't need it! (Although, one of her major themes is being grateful to and taking care of our belongings, which are practices we could all cultivate more, probably).

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On Friday Estimate

PS I have a secret heart wish that on my trip I will bump into Mike Dang and he will smile sweetly at me and I'll gently lean against him and absorb his financial wisdom. NYC magic.

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On Friday Estimate

Yes! I live in a place where I teach and perform occasionally as a circus artist, and I travel to nyc pretty regularly to get advanced training (and visit friends and get cheap massages and gel manicures and blowouts and expensive brunches, apparently!). On this trip I get to do an acro partner class with my boyfriend (who lives in france, so we don't get to do partner work as much as I'd like), so I'm especially excited.

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On Friday Estimate

I don't normally do the checkin, but I'm headed to nyc for three days and I have an unfortunate habit of losing track of spending when I go there and being like "¯\_(ツ)_/¯ new york is so expensive!" Um ok, so to be a little more realistic: Two breakfast/coffee dates, $25. One dinner date, $35, one brunch, $25, one massage, $60, maybe nails, $30, one networking dinner, $30, and a sewing lesson and four circus lessons, already paid for (but, like $300, in total, agh). Flowers or some such for friends hosting me, $40, $25 if I go out to a party, $20 to top off metro card/split cab to airport. So, $235-290 plus any incidental costs and already-spent costs. Hmm! (stuffs bag of walnuts and chocolate into tote bag, thanks god my friend convinced me to give up alcohol for lent with her). Please wish me luck keeping it under $300, which is my bank account's opinion of how much I can reasonably spend!

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On The Home I Would Choose For Myself

Keep in mind that whoever designed this room was pulling from an aesthetic that romanticizes impoverished writers, a.k.a. you - that's why it's so spare and simple, with nothing attached to the walls. This room is already yours in spirit!

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On On the Daily Show's Jessica Williams, the Latest High-Profile Victim of Impostor Syndrome

@Ester Bloom Thanks for being forthright about addressing this. If you'd taken down the post you would have gotten shit from people who thought you were trying to cover it up or some nonsense. It might have been insensitive to call out Williams, buuut it wasn't really untrue either. I'm tired of hearing women qualify their decisions with "oh gosh it's so nice of you but i'm not good enough! sorry! looking forward to being supportive!" and that's what her tweet did. And, she may have reacted so strongly to it because she sensed some truth in what you were saying, and it struck a nerve. Anyway, live and learn, and I'm glad Williams' voice was amplified through the process and look forward to y'all being friends and laughing about it someday.

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On Four-Wheeled Fantasies

Agh! This is so frustrating. I hate to say this, but I would lie about having a car, and then worry about begging/borrowing/stealing one after the job is lined up. If push comes to shove, you can claim you blew a head gasket or something and are looking for a new car to replace the one that you definitely, totally had until now. Also, I'm sure you've thought of this, but Car2go? If you live/work where it's available, you could in theory use it to commute as a temporary fix. Bah. Cars and car culture are the WORST. Thank you for sharing, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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On "The Person Who Drives Your Uber Will Die"

@lisaf Yeahhhh me too! I live for the radical side of thebillfold. Except I don't even think it's that radical, it's just honest and relevant and non-mainstream-media-fluff.

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On 8 Ways I Might Spend a Modest Windfall, In Order of Fiscal Prudence

Definitely get the short bus!

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On Tithing To The Church Of Stop Shopping

Ester! You are on a roll today and I love it! But I'm confused because I actually do tithe to the Church of Stop Shopping (http://www.revbilly.com/) - but you didn't link to it? Also, yyyyes to everything everyone is saying. I am reading the life changing magic of tidying up and it's really helping though (for now) in that I feel - for reals - that more things won't contribute to my life happiness, not even a little. Which is a nice change from equating reduced spending with deprivation.

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