Chatting About Work Trips and Expense Guilt

Meaghan: Expenses are the best thing about work trips. But also very fraught. Or in the hands of people like us, very fraught. EXPENSE GUILT!

Mike: Oh totally. I am bad about expensing things—or maybe I feel bad about expensing things. For example, I will be taking public transportation to the airport even though I can just hail a cab or order an Uber and expense it.

“Can You Conference Me In?”

Something interesting will happen if you go, I can promise you that.

Monday Check-in

How were your weekends?

And Here Is Your Open Thread

— From Jake Halpern’s New York Times Magazine piece on the dark, lucrative world of debt collection.

Who Benefits When Mike Dang Dies? Chatting About Life Insurance

Please insert a screencap of THE SEVENTH SEAL here.

Here Is Your Open Thread

In The New Republic, a case against office snacks (provided to employees for free as a perk):

In fact, employees may not even fully register that they are consuming office goodies—in part because they are so convenient. When it comes to snacking, we are especially bad not only at self-control, but also at knowing how bad we are at self-control. In one recent study, 40 adult secretaries were offered chocolate in various degrees of proximity. As the chart below shows, they ate more candies when the candies were visible and near, and only slightly fewer when they had to get up to get the candy but it was still visible. This tendency to eat more when the sweets are near seems obvious, but the tendency to eat more was fuelled by quantitative misperception: The secretaries also tended to underestimate their consumption when the candy was close and to overestimate how much they had consumed when it was farther away.

Also: The snacks at Tumblr, where Meaghan used to work, is “stocked with granola bars, chips, yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies, cold brew coffee, and a seltzer machine.”

I’d be totally cool with over-snacking on veggies and seltzer.

Photo: Nate Grigg

Printing & Crying

Meaghan: Logan do you own a printer?

No who owns a printer. Do you?

Here Is Your Open Thread

From Fast Company: Dan Harmon on embracing your laziness.

It’s Time to Talk About ‘Snowpiercer,’ the Best Action Movie of the Summer

Do you poop when you only eat cockroach blocks?

Investing a Dollar; Cupcakes Are Out; Our Digital Expenses

Some stories we didn’t get to today:

• From the Morning News: “Two dozen people—a JP Morgan associate, a sex worker, a pastor, a living statue, a marine, ‘the World’s First Publicly Traded Person,’ and many more—tell us the best way to invest a single dollar.”

• Have you heard? Cupcakes are out. From Brokelyn, an essay from an unemployed former Crumbs employee: “We didn’t all love it there, but there were certainly memories to be had of favorite customers, orders and co-workers. The language of Crumbs will be one I will never forget- Devil’s Food, the Squiggle (which customers mistakenly called The Hostess), Signature size versus classic, a tastepack featuring 12 mini cupcakes that could be yours for only $19.95, hearing “How big is 7′?” without laughing.”

• And from the New York Times: “Molly Wood audits her digital expenses, from cloud storage to streaming movies, and finds ways to trim her monthly bills.”

Here Is Your Open Thread

In the Texas Tribune, a brief look at some foster kids who made it to college.