Here Is Your Open Thread

In the Texas Tribune, a brief look at some foster kids who made it to college.

Talking About What You Make With Those You Work With

Mike: So this Jill Abramson news has got me thinking about where I’ve worked previously and how much I knew about what my colleagues made. I often knew! But that’s probably rare.

If We Gave Oprah a Car

Mike: Omg, I want to give a car to Oprah.

How Are You Spending Thanksgiving, And What Will You Spend?

We rounded up a bunch of our pals from around the Internet and asked them how they’re spending their Thanksgivings.

Open Thread

Who is the highest paid active public employee in your state? Answer: Probably an athletic coach of some kind.

Open Thread

This week in “Room for Debate”: Sweatshops.

Open Thread


We’re pausing for a bit and waiting for more information about what’s happening in Boston. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled program in the morning.

A Thread That is Open

Time to go for a walk.

A Thread That Is Open

Is the “praise sandwich” the best way to give criticism?

Mr. Harford knows the problem well. He calls it the “praise sandwich,” where we stuff the bad stuff between two slices of compliments. But people often hear only the praise.

“We say, ‘That was a great piece of work, there was just a small problem,’ ” Mr. Harford said. “What we tend to hear is, ‘That was a great piece of work.’ ”

The better way, Ms. Ching said, is to be straightforward.

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