Chatting About Women On 20s: The Final Four

What would be the reason why we can’t make four $20s? We have 50 quarters, after all.

Chatting About Dash Buttons, Mass-Market Paperbacks, and More

I love the idea of the Dash Button—please let me stick these all over my apartment—but I also feel a little strange about advocating for Amazon Everything.

April’s Theme: Relationships

For this month’s theme, we’re going to be talking about relationship—not just the kind we have with our significant others, but with our friends, family, colleagues, and the other people in our lives.

Is It OK To Lie About Your Salary History: A Friday Chat

My friend, also a nice writer-type woman, had been told that “of course” she should lie in an upcoming salary negotiation, and she was surprised to receive that advice.

Chatting About Letting The Children Choose The Real Estate

Nicole: Hi! It’s the first day of spring! I’m wearing pink. Are you still dealing with the miserable winter weather thing? Winter Storm Aziraphale or whatever?

Ester: Yes, thank you, it’s very unpleasant. I went out anyway to get a free salad, though, because I was so excited to have earned it. What have you done / what are you going to do to celebrate?

Nicole: I haven’t done anything yet, but I am going to go see Cinderella tonight with friends, and I’m also really secretly excited about the Frozen Fever short that they’re running before the movie. (Yes, I am a grown woman.) Are you doing anything to celebrate?

Ester: Hahaha that sounds nice! I really want to do something like that, something that involves going out, since I realized Ben and I have had one date in two months. It’s not coincidental — the one time we went out in February, for our anniversary, friends came and stayed with Lara; it’s just so expensive to get a babysitter, and as it is, when we added up the figures for tax time, we realized we spent over $20,000 on childcare in 2014. When I saw that I laughed til I cried and then I cried til I passed out. It was fun.

Nicole: That is incredible. I feel like making one of those old-person statements: “When I was a teenager I only charged $5 an hour for babysitting!”

Ester: Yeah, man, THOSE DAYS. They are gone. We don’t want to pay someone sad, gross wages, but unfortunately that means we end up not paying anyone at all, because $15 an hour or more adds up. But clearly I am the only person worrying about money in the city of New York right now, because did you read that article in the Times about how children are helping their parents pick up fancy apartments

Chatting About Benefiting From Bank Errors

It’s a lot to ask a normal teenage kid to not spend $30,000 that mysteriously appeared in his bank account.

March’s Theme: Taxes

Since it’s tax season, the theme for March will be: taxes.

Chatting About Real Estate Month, Money Management, and That Damn Dress

Even though the numbers are bigger, an apartment is still just another Thing that you’re buying. A Thing and an Experience: a Home. You realize by doing it than you can do it and then it’s like, hey cool, this was possible after all.

Chatting About “[Financial] Health At Every Size”

Ester: Hello!

Nicole: Hi!

Ester: How’s being back in Seattle after vacation? Have you adjusted your spending habits any, post-vacation, or are you just back to normal?

Nicole: Well, I mean, I didn’t go see Fifty Shades of Grey or The Last Five Years, so that’s a start. But I did end up at a bar with a friend where it was cash only and the ATM was oh-so-conveniently placed next to the bar, so… you know, you try to cut back and everything erases itself.

Sometimes I feel like both weight and spending have a “set point.”

Ester: Ooh, intriguing! Please say more.

Nicole: Well, the “set point” thing is how our bodies naturally gravitate towards specific weight ranges, and some people are naturally fatter or thinner than others. And then if you go outside of that range, over time you find your way back to it. That’s a really rough explanation of that. But it’s kind of the same with spending; there’s a point at which I will be all “NOPE TOO MUCH MONEY,” and so I’ll find my way back to a spending equilibrium, and if I am spending too little money, I’ll … well, you know, I feel like I spend around the same amount of money every month, no matter what happens.

I don’t ever end a month with, like, an extra $800 that I just didn’t spend.