Chatting About Real Estate Month, Money Management, and That Damn Dress

Even though the numbers are bigger, an apartment is still just another Thing that you’re buying. A Thing and an Experience: a Home. You realize by doing it than you can do it and then it’s like, hey cool, this was possible after all.

Chatting About “[Financial] Health At Every Size”

Ester: Hello!

Nicole: Hi!

Ester: How’s being back in Seattle after vacation? Have you adjusted your spending habits any, post-vacation, or are you just back to normal?

Nicole: Well, I mean, I didn’t go see Fifty Shades of Grey or The Last Five Years, so that’s a start. But I did end up at a bar with a friend where it was cash only and the ATM was oh-so-conveniently placed next to the bar, so… you know, you try to cut back and everything erases itself.

Sometimes I feel like both weight and spending have a “set point.”

Ester: Ooh, intriguing! Please say more.

Nicole: Well, the “set point” thing is how our bodies naturally gravitate towards specific weight ranges, and some people are naturally fatter or thinner than others. And then if you go outside of that range, over time you find your way back to it. That’s a really rough explanation of that. But it’s kind of the same with spending; there’s a point at which I will be all “NOPE TOO MUCH MONEY,” and so I’ll find my way back to a spending equilibrium, and if I am spending too little money, I’ll … well, you know, I feel like I spend around the same amount of money every month, no matter what happens.

I don’t ever end a month with, like, an extra $800 that I just didn’t spend.

How You Hope You Don’t Sound Like When Asking for a Raise

From our pal Michelle Markowitz: Just wanted to pass along this video from Fast Company on how people really interpret what you say when you ask for a raise (if you’re not careful).

Relive ‘The Billfold Live’

For those of you who missed it: Here’s audio of the live event we hosted on Jan. 28. featuring stories from Anne Helen Petersen, Jazmine Hughes, Jason Diamond, Jia Tolentino, Helaine Olen, Logan Sachon, Christiana Cole, and the Billfold Staff.

Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2015 Check-in

Pull up those balances!

February’s Theme: ‘Real Estate’

Programming note: This month’s unofficial theme will be Real Estate: stories about buying, selling, renting, roommates, landlords and living in all sorts of situations. Have a story to share? Email us.

Photo: Trish Hartmann

Reminder: Billfold Live Event Tomorrow, Jan. 28

Unfortunately, they don’t have Wi-Fi so we won’t be able to stream it, but we’re going to try to record the audio so you can listen later if you’re unable to come to the event.

Shopping, Travel-Wise: Are You An Ester Or A Nicole?

NICOLE: The most important thing is that I have a unique outfit for every day. The rest we can figure out as we go.

Open Thread: Parental Assistance

Today’s post about the 31-year-old who lives at home gave me the idea that we should have an open thread about how much help we take or took from our parents, or how much we help our parents instead. I’ll volunteer to go first!