On What Percentage of Your Pay Do You Spend on Rent?

@stuffisthings The multiple of monthly rent requirement is usually based on your gross salary. So, like, I pay 50 percent of my take home in rent (but only for two more weeks, I'm movin' to Queens!) but I can easily make the 40x monthly rent threshhold based on my gross salary. The taxes in NYC are really really freaking high, plus I pay 5 percent to my 401k.

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On Permaterns

@stuffisthings I look forward (not really) to the articles 10 years from now about the engineer glut, and how college kids should start considering the liberal arts. Why do people think "everyone" should go into one particular field at the same time? The same thing's going to happen to whatever field that is!

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On 'What's outrageous? Fast food wages!'

@WayDownSouth He would agree because the employees held an election (supervised by the NLRB) and voted in the union. Because then he would have a legal obligation to agree. It's not all down to the generosity of owners. I agree that he has no incentive to voluntarily recognize the union without a vote.

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On It's Hard to Feel Empowered With a Secret Trust Fund

@DblBonusPts My theory on this (having gone to a variety of public schools of varying quality, a "no-name" private college, followed by a "prestigious" law school) is that for certain people who are very smart and motivated, it doesn't really matter what kind of schooling they get. But for kids who are more borderline - average academically - it could make a difference having them in a very nurturing, stimulating environment rather than a mediocre or worse public school. For me, I had the experience of "re-learning" stuff over and over as my family moved around in various public schools and I would have loved to be actually challenged at school. BUT, this didn't really make any difference in my life outcomes. I still got the higher education I needed, I still killed the SAT, etc. I was just good at school. But yeah, I mean, I still would have loved to have a challenging educational experience prior to high school, of course. If I were going to have kids, I'd send them to public school for elementary, unless the schools were actually dangerous, and then maybe if I could afford it private high school. Unless the public high school was good (I went to a good one). Ultimately I really believe there's not that much parents can do to really "ruin" their kids, short of abuse, because kids are going to be who they're going to be regardless of what you do.

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On It's Hard to Feel Empowered With a Secret Trust Fund

@boringbunny Yeah, I totally get how she could feel like "mom is controlling my LIFE!" because her mother is the trustee, but that's not really what's happening. Maybe I'm biased by not having any trust funds and having to pay for my education and everything else myself, like most people do, but if I had any kind of money waiting for me, at any age, I think I'd try to be incredibly grateful at how freaking lucky I was. I know that it's hard not to take for granted the things one has always had, but come on. The free education alone is something to have lifelong gratitude for. If I had a trust fund waiting for me at 50, 60, or 75, I'd still just be happy about it. Even if my already-controlling mother were technically in control of it. It's money you never had to earn. Be grateful!

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On 2 Ways To Talk About Student Loan Debt! It's a Crisis! It's Not! (IT IS)

@nogreeneggs One of my proudest accomplishments recently was scaring my nephew about student debt. He is now enrolled in a good liberal arts college that offered him FREE TUITION, and his parents are paying his room/board. NO DEBT. This just makes me chortle with glee.

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On Why I Was Sad to Leave Goldman Sachs (But Also Ready to Move On)

@Michelle Yeah, at "I graduated high school in 2008" I had to temporarily stop reading so I could go sob under my desk. (And then I blew my knees out doing that, because I'm so freaking old.)

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On A Thread That Is Open

@Lily Rowan Fitz is the grossest. The Senator dude and/or Scott Foley for the win, EITHER OR BOTH is 100x better than Fitz. Although, the main reason I came down here was to say: pony up for a 1 month Hulu plus subscription ($7.99) and you can watch the whole season! Or, I think they're still offering the "one week free", so you could bingewatch the whole season within a week FOR FREE. What is this "30 dollars on amazon" business??

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On Can Single People With No Responsibilities Whatsoever Have It All?

This really just confirms my perception/belief/founding principle that babies are the worst. Prove me wrong! (you can't.)

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On How and Why Josh Eidelson Went From Being a Labor Activist to a Labor Journalist (Also: Labor 101)

@stuffisthings I'm just a little curious as to why you would trust the government more than employers to fund people's retirement. They haven't done a very good job with it so far.

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