On Are Cosmetic Subscription Services Worth It?

Maybe the product is not worth the cost to you because you're simply not the core demographic. Also, a 'celebrity finance' quote by JIM CRAMER? That's a really strange aside. I feel like this article would've been more interesting if it was from the perspective of somebody actually interested in researching the impact of subscription boxes on habits and promotion of beauty or makeup. There are lots of angles for these stories such as 1) the oversaturation of products from major companies, there are months where people may receive the same product over and over in multiple boxes 2) The number of these subscription boxes that have completely gone belly up, and the few that turned into outright scams 3) Women 'addicted' to getting as many boxes as possible, racking up a few hundred dollars a month in sub costs (I know a few) 4) The many times that mysterious high-end products swamp the boxes, and then disappear when a few hundred harsh reviews showcase how much of a rip-off said product was. These subscribers and bloggers have a lot of influence. Instead, somebody waxes nostalgic for their grandmothers makeup? Sigh. C'mon Billfold, do some digging!

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On Have You Been Suckered Into Aromatherapy Yet?

This is weird for me because I use essential oil to make stuff like room diffuser sprays, moisturizers, soaps, etc. I dont dab essential oil ON me undiluted, it's REALLY POTENT

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On When There Are Different Points of Views About Money in a Relationship

It's a wine hutch.

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On We Bought An Ice Cream Store

I LOVED your first post, glad it's all coming together!

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On A Fringe Festival Show Tour, By the Numbers

I think that Toronto has a lot of competition when it comes to summer entertainment. There are many FREE festivals, street festivals, film festivals and theatre festivals not to mention theatre destinations like Shaw and Stratford only a hop, skip and a jump away, and competing festivals like Summerworks hot on Fringe's tail. So I can understand why Fringe really wants to keep the pricing the same year-to-year. But do I think the payout per ticket needs to change? Probably. But Fringe is a multi-layered beast, there are many things that can affect a good show, like the location of a space and most importantly? TIMING. I just checked your Toronto fringe times and see that you got hit with those unfortunate not-quite-after-work times and your only prime-time slot was the first night. Ugh. Andrew, I actually met you in the beer tent ever-briefly at the Toronto Fringe, and I do recall you got some VERY favourable reviews (in spite of no NOW magazine review). I wasn't able to see any of your shows due to scheduling with my shifts, hopefully you'll make this year and I can rectify that :)

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On Not 'Passionate,' But 'Moderately Enthusiastic'

@bowtiesarecool I feel the exact same thing. I am passionate about the art form, but I'm not passionate about creating marketing copy. I enjoy writing, but I'm not willing to live, eat, sleep my super-low-wage arts job just to prove that I'm more a "True Believer" than my coworkers.

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On Purchases Made in Hope of Self-Improvement

What kit did you buy? I have a benefit one and NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT. But I also have this one http://www.sephora.com/product/productDetail.jsp?keyword=gimmie%20brow&skuId=1539246&country_switch=ca&productId=P379986&_requestid=64539 and its just like a mascara wand, swipe swipe done

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2014 Check-In

I owe $499.72 left on my student loan! I'm freaking out. I've been in debt since I signed that loan at age 18, 9.5 years!

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On Computer Predicts the Balance of Your Bank Account

Watching the estimation go up and down is fascinating. Saying I had a $45 haircut only dropped me a few hundred dollars in estimation, saying that I wouldn't pay somebody to mow my lawn dropped me 12k!

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On Monday Check-in

On Friday I bought cat food for my two cats who are on different medicated food, joy. $68. On Saturday I worked in the evening but went for an early dinner with a friend first - $32 But then came Sunday, or Spenday. I saw 'Her' $13, I bought some stuff from Rexall $16, bought a new pair of Blundstones to replace my old ones, $195 and went to get some banh-mi for dinner, $8.75 Total: $330. To be fair, my Blundstones were five years old and LITERALLY FELL APART. I got a 15% discount for bringing in my old pair.

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