On Monday Check-In

Estimated budget: $200 What I actually spent: $313 I mostly have Target to blame, as my original estimation for Target was $60, but OF COURSE I ended up picking up more things that I needed... hence spending double my budget. But, I have no regrets. Overall it was a great weekend and this week should be pretty cheap, so all is bueno.

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On Friday Estimate

I really want to have a low cost weekend but I have some outings to attend with friends, so it might be a challenge to make that happen... and I need to restock on things from Target & Trader Joe's so my proposed weekend budget is about $200 (activities with friends - $100, Trader Joes - $25, Target - $60). We'll see how this goes!

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On Something to Listen to On Your Way to Work This Morning

I listened to this on my bus ride to work this morning! Great job, Mike. :)

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Beer, BBQ, Books

I felt the need to comment to say this: OMG I LOVE JUANES! :)

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On This Online Shopping Excursion Brought to You By Obamacare

Holy crap, that IS a cute chair! Good find.

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On How Natasha Vargas-Cooper Does Money

Just a big ol' YES to the last 2 paragraphs.

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On What I Learned from My Mother's Overspending

This was a great piece! My parents were always super frugal when I was growing up, so my problem was over-spending once I became financially independent because my parents could no longer tell me when I couldn't have something. If I wanted it, I could buy it! I quickly discovered that this did not feel as great when I realized I didn't really need that thing, and that my hard-earned money was gone. Kudos to getting a handle on those spending habits! I've definitely gotten better at managing mine in the last 2 years. <3

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