On WWYD: The Bad Haircut

This happened to me last year. I bought a Groupon to get my hair styled at a pricey salon, so I went and asked for some blonde highlights. The dude was like "let's experiment with the balayage technique". It actually looked great in the salon but once I got home I started seeing the weird spots throughout my hair. I called the next day to get it fixed. I saw the same guy and he was confused but felt bad and tried to fix it. He used foils this time, and he didn't charge me again. I did leave him another tip (only $10), but ultimately I was still not happy with my color. I haven't been back.

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On Monday Check-In

I went over my $100 estimate by $14.02! Here's how it went down: Happy Hour on Friday: $18.54 Coffee in Golden Gate Park: $2 Dinner & Drink at Beach Chalet: $40.52 Threadless t-shirt order: $31.96 (getting a head start on b-day gift-buying) BART fare: $10 Golden Gate Fields (entrance fee, food, gambling): $11

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On Friday Estimate

Friday! We're here again. Here we go: Tonight - Happy hour downtown with a former colleague hopefully under $20 Saturday - Birthday party in the park, and I'm not sure what we'll be doing there (so, hopefully $0?). I'll be bringing a bottle of wine from my stash as her gift ($0). Dinner at Beach Chalet ($30, but $40 if we're all pitching in for the birthday girl's meal) Sunday - Dollar Sundays at Golden Gate Fields!!! I'm really excited about this. I'm estimating about $40 (for entrance, food, booze and gambling $$) Total: $90-$100

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On Welcome to Primm, Nevada

I'm so happy to see an article about Buffalo Bills! It's a strange place, but also a place that I grew up visiting with my family. We lived about 2.5 hours away and would make entire weekends out of it (and sometimes still do, for nostalgia).

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On Tuesday Check-In

I'd estimated $50, and I thought I was going to go over my budget because I forgot to factor in cab rides to and from the wedding rehearsal and back to our hotel, but then the mister paid for brunch on Sunday, so I broke even and spent exactly $50. Feeling pretty good!

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On Stop Apologizing

I never realized how much I apologized until I was called out on it last year in a project meeting. I apologized for the resolution of something I had designed and saved as a low res PDF, and simultaneously two of my colleagues responded "there's no need to apologize for this. Don't apologize." Ever since I've been much more cognizant of how much I apologize and have stopped (unless there's something I really need to apologize for). It's pretty empowering. Great piece, btw!

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On Friday Estimate

My weekend estimate will hopefully be really low due to the fact that I'm in a wedding this weekend, and already bought groceries for the next few days yesterday, so here we go: Friday: last minute items from Walgreens that I forgot to pack ($15) Saturday: cash for tips at the open bar during the reception + cash for money dance (if they have one) $10 Sunday: possible brunch $20 Monday: possible coffee shop outing $5 Weekend Estimate: $50

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On Be All You Can Be ... At Walmart

100,000! Not 10,000. ;)

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On Monday Check-In

I spent EXACTLY what I'd estimated and I feel pretty great about it. Friday night - Happy hour with coworkers. I ended up spending $30 instead of $20. Saturday - Went to see Lincoln ($11 + $4 latte), and picked up some salmon, unagi and spam onigiri from the Japanese market ($6). Then picked up some snacks and ingredients to make cookies for my crochet date ($15). Sunday - Was planning to spend $25 for bridal tea but the bride's mom ended up paying, so the rest of my budget for the weekend went to replenishing our toilet paper stash ($6), some pens ($8), wine and snacks for the Golden Globes ($16). Total anticipated: $100 Total spent: $96

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On Friday Estimate

I can't believe it's Friday already. But I'm totally happy that it's here. This weekend I plan to spend the following: Happy Hour tonight - $20 Lincoln @ the Sundance Kabuki Theater + Coffee beverage - $15 Trip to Daiso (since I'll be in Japantown) - hopefully no more than $10 Snacks for crochet date with friend - $15 Bridal Tea - $25 Estimate - About $100 I hope I can stick to it!

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