On The Windfall Theory of Personal Finance

Hoping for a windfall is not a "theory." It's a "fantasy." I guess I was about 30 when I realized that if my life plan for success involved me getting discovered, that wasn't actually a plan. Sounds depressing but it's actually liberating. It freed me up to work on *real plans* instead of hoping for a miracle...

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On The Billfold Book Club: David Allen's 'Getting Things Done'

Hey I've been working with a GTD system that uses Evernote for a few weeks and it's really great! There are so many ways to get things into Evernote (mobile app, desktop app, email) and there are tags and it's free. I like it so far -- you can check it out at thesecretweapon.org

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On Tell Us About Your New Kind of Wedding Registry, Kathy Cheng

hmm, i used a very similar site for my wedding registry last year, where you could put anything from any site on there. you could also have user defined items, like a honeymoon fund, where people could donate to your paypal account. it was super cool and i really liked it. http://merciregistry.com/welcome

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On I Knew It Wasn't Our Fault

too true, too true. i think also that, when a woman does negotiate, she's kind of seen as a ball buster rather than a go-getter. for instance, i negotiated hard at my last job and got a good salary ... but i also got "sat down" by my kind of old-school director, who chided me for pushing hard for a higher salary and said he didn't want to hear any complaints about it because "there are a dozen people in this department who would kill for your salary." which ... i dunno, struck me as mad condescending. i can't imagine him saying that to an assertive and decisive dude, but maybe i'm wrong.

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On One Day at a Time

But who is supposed to be "getting people in the habit of saving"? That's what's most confusing. Don't we have to get ourselves in the habit of saving? Who is this "powers that be"? It seems an odd way to position her ideas about small savings goals.

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On One Day at a Time

isn't olen the one who always says that small steps like skipping lattes or bringing your lunch are useless? that financial advice which focuses on individual behavior is even harmful, because the real issue isn't our behavior, it's the crazy financial institutions? what makes her financial advice any different from the advice she criticizes? i'm confused as to what she's trying to say in this piece.

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On Markets in Everything When There Shouldn't Be Markets in Everything

when i first met my now in-laws, it was at disney, where they'd invited my man and me to join them for a long weekend. i had broken my ankle doing the running man about 6 weeks earlier, so i was in that phase where i could walk a little bit in my boot, but not a lot. turned out to be the best thing ever! we got to skip all the lines (except for the toy story shoot em up ride, that one makes the disabled people wait with everyone else). i got to ride space mountain twice in a row! totally made breaking my ankle worth it. (maybe.)

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On Not All of Us Are Wasteful

@scn231 not sure that makes sense. the frontline piece that has been going around the last few weeks is not saying that 401k's in and of themselves are bad, just that fees can add up if you are not careful about what you invest in. invest in your 401K and just make sure you've got funds with low fees -- aka index funds rather than actively managed funds.

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On Not All of Us Are Wasteful

@scn231 it's not that you need to do something "besides" a 401k, you just need to make sure you're investing in funds that have low fees associated with them.

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On Not All of Us Are Wasteful

people like to paint MMM as some kind of smug self-satisfied bastard who's screaming at everybody telling them they're doing it wrong. but, if you actually read his work, you will see that's not what he's doing at all. he's simply sharing his experience, like so many people on this site do. he's not saying "everyone should be like me" but more something like "hey i figured out some useful shit that may help you reach your goals." the face punches, the swearing, all that stuff is just stylistic. he's actually got quite the moderate, eco-conscious, happiness-creating philosophy. you should read more about it before you dismiss it. and what is up with all the sour grapes in this discussion? as MMM is fond of saying, if he comes across someone who does something way better than him, he's going to TAKE NOTES, not bitch about why he can't possibly do the same thing. the idea is to get inspired and to do what you can, saving money and becoming a more badass and much happier person in the process. yes, we need to be on elizabeth warren's side, working to make financial products more transparent and fair. but we also need to look in the mirror and see how OUR OWN CHOICES impact where we are in life.

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