On Amazon Expands Its Grocery Business

@Sunny Schomaker@twitter I used to see a lot of undergrads take the bus out to Whole Foods by Midvale and the Copps on South Park Street.

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On Amazon Expands Its Grocery Business

@Sunny Schomaker@twitter I worked at Cap Centre Foods on Mifflin during senior year (three years ago). Delivery is free for orders over $40 if you shop in-store. If you order online, they charge you a $5 "shopping" fee. With the markup for being on-campus, I honestly found it cheaper to take the bus to the grocery store and take a greencab home. And that was with an employee discount.

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On Can I Afford to Help People?

As someone who has built her career in the government/nonprofit sector, AmeriCorps has been a huge plus on my resume. Plus, when your service year is up, you will have developed a large skill set that other recent grads won't have.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: May 2013 Check-In

Citibank rewards card- April 2013 - $2,233. May 2013 - $2,083.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

Monthly unlimited bus pass for Milwaukee County Transit- $64. Though if I'm running late for work I take the Freeway Flyer bus, which is an extra $1 per ride. Only in the mornings though.

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On I Am Fastidiously Frugal And Exorbitantly Flagrant (Because: Balance) (And: Parents)

Cosign on the art buying. I get weird looks from family members when I tell them about a new painting I just bought instead of buying new (desperately needed) sneakers. But looking at them just makes me SO. DAMN. HAPPY. Happiness>>> arch support.

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On Work-Life Balance for Primetime Singing Contest Hosts

@seaermine This is absolutely my way of thinking. When I was working a full-time, salaried job, my per-hour averaged out to less than $13/hour. Now I'm in a part-time, grant-funded position and it comes out to about $21/hour. And I get to choose my own hours.

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On Friday Estimate

My cousin's bachelorette party is tmw night and I'm her MOH, so it's going to be a pricy weekend. Figure $80 for dinner at a ritzy steakhouse, $30 for drinks at her favorite karaoke bar, and $40 for a lap dance. Probably $30-$50 for cabs in between locations. Trying to keep it below $200.

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On Initially Nice But Later Incompetent And/Or Crooked Landlords

I spent a solid six hours cleaning my studio apartment before I moved out. It was freaking spotless. Flash forward three weeks later, not only do I not get my security deposit back, I get a freaking BILL for $280. The rental sheet stated that the apartment was filthy and that I had destroyed the blinds. I know I should've asked for photos/taken it up in court, but I just didn't have the emotional energy to deal with it so I just paid them.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: April 2013 Check-In

YOU GUYS! I have been waiting for April's check in all month.I was one of those kids who got busted for illegally downloading music in college. I settled, but couldn't pay after graduation so it got sent to collections, but it will be paid off completely as of April 30! After four years and 8k, I am finally (!) done!

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