On I Found Out My Male Colleague Made More Than Me

This situation sucks. I'm sorry. FYI for everybody-- The National Labor Relations Act makes it illegal for employers to prohibit discussing salaries with coworkers: http://www.npr.org/2014/04/13/301989789/pay-secrecy-policies-at-work-often-illegal-and-misunderstood

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On Did I Get a Bad Job Offer?

I work in HR. What you're being offered is completely standard. Not necessarily a great deal, but no, they're not trying to pull a fast one. Freelancers and temps get paid a premium because they have to cover their own insurance. Regular workers get paid less hourly, but receive enough in benefits to make up the difference. Based on your freelance wages + Obamacare analysis, this might not be the right move for you, but I wanted to chime in to say your company isn't being shady.

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On When Things Fall Apart: The Cost of Divorce

@steponitvelma Interesting! Thanks for bringing in a more thorough perspective.

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On When Things Fall Apart: The Cost of Divorce

@OllyOlly Check out the divorce laws in your state. They may already be in line with what you'd want a pre-nup to say. Then if you moved after getting married to a state with divorce laws you didn't like, you could get a post-nup.

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On When Things Fall Apart: The Cost of Divorce

@pernickety I'm not a lawyer (so lawyers, chime in), but I believe the prenup could be declared invalid later since each side wouldn't have separate legal counsel.

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On Where Should We Stay for the Wedding?

@sherlock Or you might never feel that way. I've been to loads of weddings and still think they're the best for all the reasons you listed. A big party where everybody's happy and I can dress up and there's music and booze? I'll RSVP yes even if I only know the bride.

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On Where Should We Stay for the Wedding?

@jfruh Seriously, 2/3 is normal. Boyfriend will be using the bathroom and kitchen, right? With a house rental, it's not about how bedrooms are occupied, it's about how many people are there.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

I drive 99% of the time, which averages a total of $293/month for gas, insurance, parking, and maintenance/repair. That drops by about $25/month if you consider gas for long trips a travel expense instead of a transportation expense.

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On I Am Fastidiously Frugal And Exorbitantly Flagrant (Because: Balance) (And: Parents)

@readyornot I found this interesting because her spending seems either very frugal or very expensive. I have priorities and allocate money accordingly, but there's less deviation from the mean.

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On So Like Here's My Business Card With My Contact Info Or Whatever Cool

Emergency tooth pick. Inelegant but effective.

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