On Did Your Parents Lie About Your Age To Get Lower Ticket Prices, And Did That Scar You For Life?

My mom and aunt (single mothers) definitely did this with us kids, especially when we all rode the public bus together for family outings. We kids all knew the score, but we also knew the alternative - if we spoke up, we were out a fun experience (like a trip to the beach or dinner at the local buffet) because we really did need that little bit of financial leeway to make it happen, so we all dutifully played along. No regrets.

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On Screwing Myself With The Credit Card I Swore I'd Pay Off Every Month

My experience with Capital One has been: if you’re usually good about your payments, but forget every once in a while, just give them a ring and ask if they can waive the $25 fee. They almost always do. So weigh another phone call to the bank vs. that $25, I guess, but know that you will probably be able to get it removed if you just ask.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

I live in the Bay Area. Generally, I either walk or take public transit, but my partner and I have a truck, too, which is used for his commute, errands, and other travel (mostly to visit fam). Together our transport costs add up to ~$600/month. It breaks down like so: ~$130 for public transit (specifically BART, which does not offer a monthly pass) ~$250 for truck payment (almost paid off though!) ~$90 for insurance ~120 for gas We don't pay for parking, except when we forget it's a street sweeping day and then we pay a ~$60 ticket, but that usually only happens 2-3 times/year.

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On Things I Did And Did Not Do In Sephora Yesterday

This post is a glorious thing.

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On Let's Not Lose All Our Teeth

...and now I've just made my first non-emergency dentist appointment in, like, 4 years. This should be... fun.

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On Talking About Talking About Depression

Thanks for this!

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On How Do You Answer, How Much Do You Make?

I'm pretty open about how much I make, which is maybe easier because it's a wage? I dunno, it's just that part of me wants all wage earners to put that shit out there, so we can discuss the crazy discrepancy between what the minimum wage is technically and what wage workers are actually making/need to make to survive. Like, for instance, minimum wage in the city I work in is ~$10.20/hr... but I make $16/hr - and even with that, cannot afford to live in the city I work in. There's something off about that!

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On The First Hour of Your Work Day

I work in retail, with two different shift options, opening and close. If I have an opening shift: I wake at 7:23am (ha, for real), shower/drink a coffee/pack my lunch, and then make a mad dash out the door to catch an early enough train to roll into work around 9am. I spend the train ride actually waking up, usually with a podcast. Once there, I grab restock from our storage, do a quick sweep/mop of the store itself, load all the register programs, check/answer urgent emails, make any necessary phone calls, and count the drawer. Then I sit down and plan my day with a check-box list. By 10am, I have a plan for the day and the doors wide open, ready for people to start getting their buy on. If I close, I don't have to be in to work until noon, so I take my time in the morning to do chores, like dishes or laundry, and spend my commute planning my day and checking my work email. By the time I get in, I know what I have to do and can get straight to it (unless it's busy, then I deal with the customers first, obviously).

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On Navigating Student Loan System Quick, Easy (Or, The Opposite of That)

Ugh, Granite just bought my fed loans, too. Pain in the ass, to the max, already. I might cry if they eff with my IBR.

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On Sir, You Cannot Sit Next to These Children

This reminds me of my first flight (with Southwest? Delta?): it was unaccompanied, I was ten, and after being dog-tagged by the stewardess as a "child alone", I was sat next to a man in a business suit. This is what happened during that flight: He ordered a scotch. Once his drink came, he glanced at me and told me know he was TERRIFIED of flying. THEN he downed his drink really fast and kept his eye closed the rest of the flight.

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