On Meanwhile in the U.S.

So 100K people dead, 2 MM refugees, and countless hundreds of thousands raped and tortured is a "useless boondoggle" to Heidi Moore? Fuck her.

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On Face Cream and a Call to the Bank

@Logan Sachon I see what you mean. But that's a fun exercise because it costs like, 20 dollars. Her private readings (I'm only guessing), cost enough to keep her deep in face cream and fresh fruit. On a side note, I LOVE the weekly horoscope on Refinery 29. One time I got one that was so freakishly on point, that now it's my favorite one.

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On Face Cream and a Call to the Bank

I'm so happy you brought this up. Read it this morning and couldn't help thinking what a complete SHAM she souncame off as. And that bought her a 3 bedroom apartment in Manhattan with a view on the Chrysler Building?! (Your headline should read: "Lie to Gullible Idiots; Parlay into Real Estate Heaven")

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person

@emmy I agree! I hate it so much. Logan goes overboard on it.

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On How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chain Restaurants

I really enjoyed this article. It showed some real self awareness and made me think about my own habits.

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On Zou Bisou Bi-Do 1 Thing

you rang?

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On Lisa and Bryan Do Their Homework, Talk About Shacking Up

@Megano! or just nauseating

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On Oh Preacher Ramsey, Deliver Us from Debt

@probs what about it creeps you out?

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On WWYD: Eavesdropping

This girl sounds really awesome. I got on the train once after spending the day in CT with a friend, and realized too late that I had left my wallet in her car. A kind man next to me offered me a punch on his card; i was so touched by that. (I had to get off at the next stop anyway because i realized i wouldn't be able to make it home from grand central without a subway card, but it was still very much appreciated). I've bought a subway card for a mother and her 3 kids who were trying to get to a shelter and didn't have the cash, which I guess is kinda similar? So i guess i would do that; but i probably would have given the money straight away to the girl because i am less of a saint than this girl and wouldn't want to shortchange myself the warm and fuzzy feeling of having someone thank you. (That's bad, i'm owning up to it; whateva)

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On Let Us Learn From Our Ancestors

That's awesome!

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