On The Cost of Winter Running

@lisaf It's a piece of cloth that you can use as a neck gaiter, or a headband, or a face shield... Buff is the actual brand name: http://www.buffusa.com/wear/ways_to_wear_a_buff I don't own one, but I hear great things!

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On If You Buy Your Wife a Mansion

This is how I always feel about those holiday car ads. OH, so you bought a car for me that I didn't get to test-drive or research and could be very expensive to maintain?

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On 24-Hour Daycares Accommodate the "Forever Clock"

I am so sheltered, I never really thought about how necessary these arrangements would be for parents with non-9-to-5s -- even after seeing one of my coworkers fretting on the subway because her daycare closes at 6PM and it's always a pinch for her to get there, with late fees for every minute she's late. I’ll tell you what, the next time I roll into a Duane Reade at 1AM or get gas on an overnight drive, I’ll hope that these childcare options exist so the people working there can continue to work there reliably.

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On Going "Gluten Free" is for Rich People

@Galatea I think it's great that so many strides have been made to help people with food allergies! I knew someone who had a wheat allergy in college and she basically had to come off of the meal plan, because there just wasn't an option for her; now, being able to go into a lot of spaces with confidence and having wheat-free options at places like Kroger is super. When it comes to gluten-free trendiness I would much rather a public health campaign stressing the importance of going to a doctor with a suspected food allergy, rather than diagnosing it alone or with Dr. Google. (But again, that's a privilege too, because people may not be able to see the kind of specialist who can do that.)

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On Should Uber Have the Right to Charge $362 for a Ride?

@The Mole I am a millennial and I agree with this statement. I feel sorry for the girl to the extent that she ended up paying more than she wanted to, on her birthday. But that's where my sympathy ends. Everything costs more and cabs/ rides home when you have been drinking are expensive.

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On 'I Had My Backpack and 20 Cents': How Cheryl Strayed Does Money

Megan Johnson is not awful, she's doing great! Sorry, just wanted to even it out there for you. I saw Cheryl Strayed on this same tour and she was just so chatty and relatable. I already liked the book, but I don't expect my authors to be personable... she definitely was, though. I'd recommend people go see her even if they haven't read WILD yet.

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On Paying for Theaters vs Waiting for Netflix

I am conscious of trying to "vote with my dollar" and seeing indies and movies directed by women that I feel are still underrepresented in Hollywood. They will still make a Captain America 3-7 without my money. "Obvious Child" was one of those; I liked it a lot, so I felt gratified and got that good-consumer halo.

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On A Drunk Stole My Kale. You Won't Believe What Happened Next!

@TheDoctorsCompanion They ARE expensive! When I was a senior in HS, my car got broken into and the thief made off with my whole backpack including my calculus book. (And a photo of me with my crush, THANKS THIEF.) I'm sure they just dumped the calc book somewhere, but meanwhile I had to go to my teacher and borrow a spare book because you couldn't buy that edition anywhere.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

Have I done it? No. Have I thought about it? Yes, maybe not seriously, but the idea has occurred. A friend of mine gave HER boyfriend a similar ultimatum and he proposed, part of me wondered... should I? My partner and I have been together for years, such that people often ask ME "are you guys ever going to get married?" I would like to and have broached the subject with him from the angle of, "Hey, I would like to get married in my life and have kids, and if neither of those things are on your radar at all you need to tell me." In THAT sense, the Dear Prudence letter rang true for me, because there's usually some kind of a time element to these kinds of conversations anyway. "I would like to have kids eventually" is more of a philosophy when you are, say, 25 than when you are, say, 29 and believe that your best chance is to do it in the next 10 years. But honestly, reading everyone else's comments I realize that what I should do is either woman up and propose, or stop bringing it up in an unproductive manner. ((DEEP BREATHING))

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On Ditch the "To Do" List & Other Productivity Tips

@Marille Yup. Same with the "Only work on the deep things" -- okay, as soon as I finish the shallow things that have been assigned to me.

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