On Sleep Gadgets That Work?

I am hopelessly devoted to my drugstore sleep mask. Any old one can run you $3-4 but a good one is probably $8. I just sleep so much better in that artificial dark!

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On WWYD: Porn Star BF Asks Porn Star GF to Quit Work Because Love

Ester, I agree with you 1,000% here and I don't care that it is mathematically impossible. I was also baffled that this story appeared in Modern Love, because the sense I got from their relationship was not very romantic nor did she seem very dewy-eyed about him. I'm not saying that in itself spells trouble -- everyone expresses emotion in her own way -- but it left a bad taste in my mouth. (Besides, you would think if your boyfriend worked in porn he would be MORE understanding of your career in porn, not less.)

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On How Bad Does Your Landlord Have to Screw Up to Justify a Month’s Free Rent?

This happened to me when I was 22 and I had no idea that it wasn't normal for your landlord to leave a hole in your ceiling for weeks and weeks. They ended up putting back the insulation but not the whole ceiling panels, making each shower a little bit terrifying So, I say, get 'em for all you can, Josh!

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On How to Be a Boss Boss

Encourage learning opportunities from non-millennials around things they think millennials know best, like online tips and tricks. Don't let them off the hook with "Well, I'm too old to know this stuff"; apart from causing tension in the moment by calling attention to the difference, this also encourages dependency down the road.

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On Surprise! Women Are Criticized More Personally in Performance Reviews

I had an old boss that based her reviews at least 90% on personality. She really wanted me to be friendly with her but was known to gossip, so I hesitated to get to know her too personally. If she thought we were getting along at review time, I was doing great! My point is, some of this must be able to be overcome with managerial training that says "Focus on work/ work products, not the nebulous personality stuff."

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On The Real World Cost of a $22 Gadget

@NoReally Seriously, I didn't think you were allowed to refuse orders from flight attendants. I feel for the passengers around Mr Knee Defender who inevitably got splashed with some of the water the other passenger threw at him. Actually, I feel for all the other passengers on the plane who were delayed by these shenanigans. That really is the rudest part.

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On Link Roundup: Happy Marriage?; Telecommuting; How to Shop IRL

Well, dang, I am working from home reading this WFH article (it's my lunch break!) and thinking how nice it would be to do this once a week. I am so productive in the quiet at home, and my commute is quite long. If only I weren't a childless woman! *shakes fist*

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On Your Waistline = Your Boss's Business

@Sean Dailey@facebook I like it, but probably because I already am active... and I love PTO.

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On Your Waistline = Your Boss's Business

My former employer held a step challenge among a number of different branches and offered free Fitbits for some participants. I accepted one (it's great, I still wear it). It does keep track of steps, but I don't think it has GPS so I'm not sure how much info Big Brother is really getting on me. Same company also used StayWell which didn't seem very effective or helpful. I qualified for the "weight management" one which consisted of "modules" you had to watch or read online to tell you things like "eat more fruits and vegetables every day!" (thanks, I'm just overweight, I still know what food groups are). I never finished them even though there was a small financial reward involved.

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On Are You an Unwitting Participant in The Athleisure Market?

Oh man, who's going to tell Kohl's that Juicy Couture is not going to fly with the yoga poseurs of 2014? My yoga clothes double as running clothes, which usually makes them too sweaty/ dirty to wear as leisure clothes. But I do wear a tank top intended for working out in to bed. I bought it to work out in, but functionally it was not at all capable. It is super comfy, though!

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