On Keeping the Junk

@cryptolect That's how I feel about my unread books. That said, I have donated a few where I moved them around enough times to think "Maybe I don't want to read this after all."

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On Childless Old Man Tells Us Being Childless Is Selfish

This hurts my heart because it makes me think of my uncle, who never married or had kids (uh, so far!) but who loved and cherished my siblings and me as if we were his own. People who don't have kids, for whatever reason, can give so much to the world. One would think, as the headline pointed out, that a childless person could see that.

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On Valentine's/St. Cyril's Day Estimates!

Like Ester, my anniversary with my dude falls close to Valentine's Day, and in the past year or two we've opted to do one of those things BIG and then keep the other one low-key. This year we had a FANCY anniversary dinner, but Saturday I am leaving him to his own devices to go on a trip with friends. (Has someone already told me this is inappropriate, to miss the most romantic day of the year? YUP.) I'm leaving him a fancy card ($5) and a gift ($55), mostly because I came up with an amazing idea and $55 was how much it costs. I expect him to give me a card on the day of, and that would be enough. In the life of our relationship, we have had lean and fat years, but some of the best gifts he has given me have been homemade or very inexpensive. I'm looking forward to the Feb. 15 drugstore sale of Reese's hearts, as one does.

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On On Wanting to Be a Millionaire

I like this game but my answers are quite boring! I'm going to assume tax takes half off the top so that's $500,000. I would take 2 weeks of work off to visit Asia and pay for boyfriend to go with. (He would resist but if I had really won $1M I think I could persuade him to let me treat him.) I could do this with money and vacation days I have, but guilt has stopped me from doing it within the next few years. We'll call that $10,000. I would apply to and enroll in grad school part-time. We'll call that $60,000 over 2 years. I haven't fantasy-decided between a practical program and a flightier one, but they would both cost about that much. I would give my sister $3,000. She is about to take a year off and explore her career options and I know she wants to do a particular career training program that costs that much. If she wants, I will draw up papers for her to pay me back eventually, but if I had that much, I would be OK with giving her the $3k. I would make myself a slush fund for taking cabs home from work. Sometimes I work late and the worst, worst part is that it takes more than an hour to get home. It's insult to injury. So I'd put $7k into a Cabs Only Slush Fund and tell myself it was OK to take the occasional cab ride home. (That would cover almost a year of nightly cab rides, but most days I don't feel the urge so it would probably last longer.) Then I would max out my emergency fund to a full year of expenses ($30k) and put the rest into savings ($390k) because in the next few years I expect to be buying an apartment and having a baby, both very expensive prospects.

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On Beyond Entry-Level

I switched career tracks when I was 25. Before that I ONLY felt entry-level, or possibly a rung below (temp/ freelance trying to be hired on full-time). When I switched, by age 26 I would say I was no longer entry-level, because my former work experience had allowed me to climb that rung faster.

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On Friday Estimate

I have to pick up some snacks on the way home today ($15). Okay, I don't have to, but I want to. Then I might order a pizza ($15). On Saturday we'll probably go to the movies, but I have gift certificates that can cover it (!!!) Otherwise I have a lot of work to do so I will probably split-screen my work and "The Good Wife" (owned DVD, $0). Sunday I will watch the Super Bowl and eat my snacks from Friday and something from the freezer ($0).

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On Career Dilemmas Present in 'The Sims 4'

This new Sims sounds too much like real life! Take me back to the version where my Sims would throw fits because I wouldn't let them go to parties!

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On "Your Children Deserve To Know What You Make" Uh OK

@GiraffeGaffe Yeah, as a kid I had no barometer for what was a "good salary" vs. barely getting by, what people made per hour, so anything would have made me think "We're rich!" The comparison piece is important.

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On "Your Children Deserve To Know What You Make" Uh OK

@Ester Bloom Oh, I would definitely read a post of "Money-related behaviors Babygirl has picked up from me." I forget how old she is but I assume too young for the $10,000 cashgrab approach.

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On "Your Children Deserve To Know What You Make" Uh OK

I think it's better to teach your kids to handle any amount of money wisely, big or small, than to give them a dollar amount. This writer could have done the same demonstration with 100 $1s. I say this as someone who has NO IDEA what my parents make. I'm sure any estimate I would have come up with as a kid was WAY OFF, but at a $1 allowance a week anything above, $1000 a month would have seemed enormous (and yet now I know, insufficient).

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