On Citywide Blight Due to Shady Donation Boxes

@sea ermine I was just going to ask, what's a good alternative for people who don't want to support the Salvation Army?

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On $45 a Month for a Bottomless Cup of Coffee

@garli THIS. Granted, I created my own dependence in the first place by stocking up to make coffee at home, but now I just can't get by without it.

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On The Case of the Missing Package

Mike Dang, Finance Detective!!!

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On Privilege Check On Aisle Nine

60 here. I knew I would score pretty highly but I have to admit I didn't think of my parents' marital status as an aspect of privilege (even though it is).

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On Soon Small Dogs Will Supplant The Human Race

Women -- we just can't win. We can't have sex, we can't get equal pay, now we can't get dogs?!

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On Citibike Not Earning Its Keep

Great article! I hadn't really thought about how rarely transit makes money and how fast it uses resources (in general). I wonder if they thought about either raising the price of the year-long passes or putting some Citibike racks in Central Park explicitly aimed at a tourism crowd. My third idea, which like the second would require spending more money to make money, is to create helmet rental kiosks near the Citibike racks most likely to be used by tourists. Not having a helmet is a major factor keeping me from trying Citibike (I know there must be places to rent them, but the logistics of that made my head spin). None of these solve the central problem but they could stop the bleeding a bit, I think.

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On A Windfall

So practical, Bob! I recommend Montreal. Never been but everyone tells me it's super nice, and getaway distance from NYC. Or if you can bear, save the money now and book a winter getaway for next winter. Miami maybe?

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On 'Dad's Resume'

Feeling bad for Dad, but I assume being on time was within his powers... oh, Dad.

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On The Case for Having Both Parents Work

@readyornot oof, you weren't kidding about the comments! I forgot that working moms only work so they can eat out and go on vacation, not because they have to!

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On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

@moreadventurous Oh, college! My freshman-year roommate tried to let her boyfriend stay over in our room, and did NOT understand why I wasn't okay with it. "We're not doing anything," she protested. Thanks for the reassurance, but still!

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