On Monday Check-In

I had planned for a low-key $50 weekend with only one meal out. I ended up paying for 1)pricy snacks/drinks at gastropub 2)Chinese for two 3)movie for two, then 4)a grilled cheese truck came near my house and I couldn't physically resist. Total: $91.

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On Friday Estimate

Low-key weekend planned, but I'll probably have at least one meal (for two) or coffee snack out: $50.

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On Monday Check-In

I estimated $60, with general plans of doing about one meal out. I ended up doing drinks ($12), dinner ($42), and fancy ice cream ($11) for a total of $67. Close!

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On Friday Estimate

I have no plans, but I'll probably try to do laundry and go out to eat at least once: $60.

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On Monday Check-In

I guessed $88 and spent $72: two coffee dates ($2 each), and one grocery trip ($60). I saved money because I bought beer to drink at home ($5) instead of going out, and because my boyfriend bought me Sunday brunch!

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On Friday Estimate

I over-spent last week and had an unexpected vet trip this week. I should keep close tabs on my spending this weekend. Friday: Drinks with boyfriend, $40. Saturday: Coffee, $3 Groceries, $40 Sunday: Coffee date, $5 Total: $88

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On 'We Are Already Printing Money, But We Are Doing This Because It Is Our Mission'

@probs In case you haven't read it, Kevin Roose's book about being a student from Brown University "undercover" at Liberty for a semester is fascinating, and surprisingly even-handed.

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On Monday Check-In

Oh man, my estimates were way off: I bought drinks on Friday for friends: $36, so $4 under my estimate, BUT I took a cab home: $10, so the total is $6 over estimate. Lunch out Saturday: $10 ($5 more than estimated) Here's where it gets bad: Unanticipated Trader Joe's Run: $45 Unanticipated Target run (I needed socks, new pajamas, a black cardigan, bulk catfood and lots of other pseudo-necessessities. Also, my old purse just broke, so I needed a new one, but still): $195 Sunday, just brunch: $40. Total: $336. So, way over planned.

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On Friday Estimate

Dinner & drinks with my boyfriend tonight. I'll either pay for our dinner or drinks: $40 I have to work Saturday, so I'll probably buy myself sympathy coffee/pastries: $5 Some non-necessary, but fun, gourmet shopping on Sunday: $10 Possible outing money for either Saturday or Sunday night: $25. Total: $80

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On Homers and Purple Squirrels

@stuffisthings I recently moved to a new city, where I have a small network, and was planning on exhausting them. I got a job through a random Idealist listing, where I knew nobody, before I even had time to do terrible coffee dates with professional friends of friends.

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